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Approved: Fedora 33 Desktop Variants Defaulting To Btrfs File-System

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  • Originally posted by aorth View Post

    w00t. I re-installed my laptop with LUKS + BTRFS. Got snapper up and running with some minor modifications to the timeline. I added `chattr +C` to my Firefox and Thunderbird profile directories, as well as on some VM and container directories and so they don't suffer too much from the copy on write.
    I would not suggest doing chattr +C. This reduces data integrity - i.e. if you have a crash or power outage you may loose data in your profile. Better would be perhaps to only do this on the sqlite db. For other things like cached files it serves no purpose to do +C because it is write once, read many times. Whereas the sqlite is frequently updated and that causes some fragmentation.

    For Thunderbird, choose to store mails as individual files (Maildir option) rather than a single mbox file.
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    • More than the distribution, it is the applications that'll need intelligence for btrfs.

      File managers, system tools etc all need support.

      But I'm glad Fedora has chosen for btrfs. At least it's users can now do the unexpected testing which should ultimately help improve btrfs

      As for redhat, it won't take them much time to reintroduce it as a tech preview if things go as planned


      • Originally posted by elatllat View Post
        I wonder if Ubuntu will end up switching from ZFS to btrfs like they switched from Mir to Gnome...I hope fedora speeds up the missing btrfs cache and encription features.
        It is very difficult to understand Ubuntu, it changes its mind every year. For example, did you know that Btrfs in Ubuntu should have been predefined by Ubuntu 10.10?

        On the net you will also find an enthusiastic Mark Shuttleworth claiming that Ubuntu will be the first distribution to use Btrfs, as he says this is a fantastic file system.
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