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  • MX Linux KDE Plasma Review

    In lieu of MX Linux KDE Plasma version here is the honest review from the perspective of KDE GURU:

    I'm a KDE user and long time Fedora, Debian and now Arch user. I ate my teeth on KDE and Plasma and I am 120% sure you are going to fuck up up KDE respin. You don't know a shit about KDE.

    Plasma is not GTK and you do not have idea about KDE applications, what libraries they use, what libraries are used and what for; what you should install to make KDE usable in terms of them and you are going to impose bunch of inferior crap while superior applications, databases, modules and libraries are already in KDE and KDE Software Compilations. Users are going to end up with half arsed KDE with half of GTK shit, that has absolutely no place in KDE. You know a squat. I haven't even tried your ISO, but guess users do not have KDE PIM in your respin, but a POS Mozilla side project that has no place in KDE, where it has nterprise graded PIM. GTK POS instead of Enterprise graded PIM.

    You don't have libraries to display video thumbs in Dolphin; you install GTK apps because you are missing important libraries to display graphics format and you don't know what to install and from where (jpg, jpeg2000/jp2, jpeg arithmetical coding, jpeg floating point, webp, avif). I haven't even tried your beta respin and I already know you can't display thumbs of videos and those graphic formats in Dolphin and you don't know what to do to display thumbs in Dolphin, not to mention you think its Gwenview rendering them and since Gwenview doesn't display them you install GTK app and pollute whole Qt Plasma with GTK POS instead. And you can't figure what is going on. Why? Because you know a shit about KDE.

    And none of your precious ISOs can render videos via VAAPi (yes 99% of laptops are Intel). But I guess you don't know that VLC is coded on Windows and for Windows. You never heard of Suse Open Build System, because you associate OBS with something else (you know I'm talking about Smplayer and mpv to play Youtube via VAAPi don't you? I guess not! Not to mention missing graphics memory management library).

    You know I am not even going to bother with your ISO download, I already know I am going to end up with bunch of Terminals and dot folders and dot files in Home folder with bunch of bloatware from GTK world, that absolutely has no place in Qt/Plasma world. You don't even know what has to be back-ported to Debian 10.4 from Plasma LTS. I bet you don't even know that such thing as Plasma LTS exist and Debian 10.4 doesn't have it.

    All in all users are going to end up with half arsed KDE experience with inferior Mozilla side project, while never discovering enterprise grade KDE PIM. They end up with dark themes hard-coded that cannot be reverted, useless, non working GTK/Mutter apps in the Qt world, because you don't know software and libraries from KDE. And your POS GTK apps will not work anyway (like graphic files will not be displayed, video thumbs will be missed). Moreover you are going to pollute settings with bunch of useless crap from GTK having separate setting for them, while plasma has already amazing settings.

    I bet you will even have VB shit installed by default to make "these youtubers happy" and system startup will end with bunch of popup errors, not to mention you will make it look like a "mac" and "windows" with these "combined" launcher/app swithcher, so we will not know which is running and which is shortcut. They will be indistinguishable and we will no know which is which and we will have to click multiple times (like in Mutter/GNOME3) to switch between open windows/apps. Yes but users will be happy - it will look like MAC and Windows. Yay!!! Hurrray!

    Then you will put the whole panel to the side making vertical, completely unusable POS. Awesome! Now you differentiated yourself. Yay! Hurray! Moreover you will substitute Kick-off menu with Windows 95 style POS. More Yay! Huuuurrrraaay! Look what we've done! We are different!

    Moreover, I haven't even tried, but I already know you don't know about services and that voids any firewall useless (I am 200% sure when you reboot your system it will not run at all). You will pollute menus and whats not with fake (g)ufw which does not start (openRC) and there will be nothing in plasma firewall menu in network WiFi menu in the tray to chose the default firewall zone (I bet you don't even know what I am talking about -zones in plasma WiFi plasmoid in the tay - what the fuck is this dude taking about ?!).

    Yeah, stick to this frame skipping Mutter/GTK3/Xfce POS of yours with bunch of bloatware on top and another conky shit on desktop! Yay! Hurray! Look how awsesome we are! Don't you forget: Conky! And give us 10 terminals with bunch of bloatware within on startup! Awesome. Bluerrrghh!

    And don't you forget to install avahi/zeroconf and SSH server and client!! We need those for security. Don't you dare to forget them!! 100% users need them! And java, yes java iced tea!

    To further fuck-up Plasma experience and pollute it with shit I bet you will bring kvantum and qt5ctl to the plasma because you will try to differentiate yourself and don't know a squat about making KDE Global Themes. Hey you can also pollute plasma with Plank/Apple Style POS because you don't know how to create and use app shortcuts (eg. Meta+F for File Manager or Meta+B for Web Browser) or how to use Krunner. And even then you will pollute the panel with bunch of unnecessary app shortuts (GTK shit incl. Xfce doesn't have Krunner, so why would you know you don't need app shortcuts on the panel at all).

    And since you don't know which version of Plasma has working SDDM (Debian 10.4 doesn't) you are going to substitute it for another non fitting, non-KDE module. Awesome KDE experience awesome! Buuueeerrrllgh!
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