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SUSE Acquiring Rancher Labs

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    Originally posted by Slartifartblast View Post

    Well as I'm sat here using OpenSUSE Leap right now and just recently changed all my OpenSUSE accounts over from Microfocus, it's rather relevant to OpenSUSE users don't you think ?

    Do you live under a stone and not know about the recent divestment ?
    They sold SUSE for a cool $2.35 billion over a year ago, and their losses seem to be due to over-paying on an $8.8 billion purchase of an HP software division in 2017 that's been underperforming since. Nothing about their current financial mess has anything to do with SUSE I don't think. If anything, the sale of SUSE last year helped keep them afloat.


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      Originally posted by Degra View Post

      You must be out of the loop.
      Rancher 2 is based off of Kubernetes.
      Rancher 2 is basically providing Kubernetes but extends that ecosystem with some more preinstalled and preconfigured things, which also makes Rancher 2 an easy to set up Kubernetes distribution.

      Similar to Red Hat's OpenShift, which also used to be a Kubernetes competitor until OpenShift 3, when OpenShift integrated Kubernetes as its core technology and now just provides an easy-to-install and preconfigured Kubernetes cluster. With a fancy UI as their selling point, which successfully woos management into using OpenShift.
      Not out of the loop. When I said "I see no point in now running it on top of Kubernetes, it just doesn't seem to add anything of value for me." I mean Rancher 2, obviously. When migrating from Rancher 1 to Kubernetes, one might as well skip Rancher 2 completely. That's what we've done at work. Rancher 2 is fancy web-ui uselessness. Kinda conflicts with our DevOps-automation culture.