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OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 Released With AI/ML Packages Added, YaST Improvements

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    Taking him way too seriously. Just troll him back like everyone does.


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      Originally posted by Morty View Post
      Nope, that is not correct. Not the reason or that Gnome has any kind of lengthen support, they are just like KDE in that regards, just LTS.
      The use of Gnome in SUSE is a historical thing, from even before the term LTS was commonly used.

      Back when SUSE was owned by Novell, they bought a Gnome company, Ximian and one of it's founders Nat Friedman ended up in a leading position at SUSE/Novell. Due to him and others from Ximian (And I guess support from some others in Novell management, as a way to defend the not so great acquisition), they changed default to Gnome. They also tried to change the default in OpenSUSE, but the massive push-back from users and developers stopped it. As a way to save face and still push their unwanted agenda, it ended up with the lame compromise "no default at install" solution still present today. In reality, as everyone know, the default for the OpenSUSE userbase is still KDE.
      This is also true, but there are other reasons as well ... SUSE like Red Hat offer much longer paid support for some versions and it would be a heavy effort to offer it for KDE, but this is also just one of the reasons. When you have to officially support something, the tendency is always to limit packages to a minimum and it would have made no sense to do it with KDE, when all other enterprise distributions do it with Gnome, it would require too many resources.
      However, SUSE users can install the DE they prefer, the basic one is really bad, it is not Gnome Shell as we all know it, but just install openSUSE with Gnome to find the SUSE session and to be convinced that it is better not to have it.


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        Originally posted by Charlie68 View Post
        just install openSUSE with Gnome to find the SUSE session and to be convinced that it is better not to have it.
        Is the SUSE session just a customized GNOME classic that runs on Xorg and has a custom theme?

        Because it sure looks like it.


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          Originally posted by eydee View Post
          The most confusing thing about stock Suse is that you install it, open the gnome dashboard, and 90% of the stuff there starts with "YaST..." and then most of what comes afterwards is cropped because of gnome insanity. I wonder if that thing got any fixes, or is even recognized as something to improve.
          I'm shocked about it, it's truly more than a "cosmetic" bug.. as a gnome fan it's really frustrating.
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            Very fun thread to read!
            Kudos to both Gnome fans and haters.. I wonder how much and why these haters are upset about everything gnome related.
            Do they think that with Gnome disappearing KDE will be better?
            Upset about KDE not being picked as default in major distros?
            Just frustrated fans?
            Go figure..