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Devuan 3.0 Released For Debian 10 Without Systemd

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    Originally posted by vladimir86 View Post

    PS: May I call you "my mommy?"
    Please do.


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      I don't really like sysvinit or systemd.

      I find OpenRC to be the best of both worlds. It has a lot of the features of systemd, while being only an init and fairly simple and straight forward. Options are good.

      OpenRC manages system services their startup / shutdown their dependencies and their state. That is it. no home directory management, no dns management, no system logs, no office suite.

      "Do one thing, and do it well."
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        Originally posted by MarkG View Post
        SystemD is not at all missed.
        i'm sure you aren't missed by systemd either. you could also practice avoiding linux or computers altogether


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          Originally posted by MastaG View Post
          I wonder why anyone would prefer symlinked initscripts over systemd for booting?
          systemd's service files are much easier to understand as they have very good documentation.
          people sometimes lose ability to learn


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            Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
            Yeah, the overall systemd project is something a lot like GNU coreutils, or the util-linux package...
            no, it's something a lot like freebsd base(and now notice how systemd hate correlates with freebsd love(and therefore lack of iq)


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              Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
              It is still fairly monolithic. Not one of those modules can truly function on its own and systemd is fairly broken without all of its modules.

              This (admittedly annoying) diagram demonstrates this idea.
              this diagram only demonstrates lack of clue of its author and you. systemd is monolithic only in minds of clueless people. btw, you could draw similar diagram consisting of {s,}bin/* as proof of sysvinit monolithness
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