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Debian 10.4 Released With Many Fixes, Security Updates

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  • gregzeng
    Linux Kernel 4.19.118.x was released by The Linux Foundation, "Thu Apr 23 10:30:24 2020 +0200". It was available to most Debian operating systems as a complied binary: "2020-04-23 11:08", about the same time, allowing for different time zones.
    There are three more bug fixes available for Linux Kernel 4.119, but normal Debian systems need to use the Ubuntu set of compiled kernels to access these, usually.

    If Debian-based systems want the very latest official Linux kernels, it is currently "v5.6.11", released 2020-05-06 11:1.
    For users wanting fast Linux Kernels, you can choose the Low Latency version, if you run AMD64 or ARMHF processors.
    However, perhaps readers don't care about maximum speeds from Linux, but just a balanced set of uses, including power savings.

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  • DanL
    It looks like 4.19.0-9 is the kernel ABI version. The actual kernel version is 4.19.118.x

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  • Debian 10.4 Released With Many Fixes, Security Updates

    Phoronix: Debian 10.4 Released With Many Fixes, Security Updates

    Debian 10.4 is out this weekend as their fourth stable update to Debian Buster...

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