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Manjaro Contains Spyware (and so is Ubuntu)

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  • Manjaro Contains Spyware (and so is Ubuntu)

    How would you feel if I went to your house and installed cameras and microphones that would contantly monitor you and record everything you do. And I wouldn't even tell you? If you found out and would you try to remove it from your house (bedroom, bathroom, shower, living room, telephone)? Guess what? I would make sure you couldn't remove it. If you would find out, I would tell you that it wasn't me- it was someone else.

    -"Oh don't worry I do not spy on you"
    -"But its constantly recording"
    -"No it isn't- you see it has your name on it: "userhousefeedback"
    -"But its recording me"
    -"You can turn it off- the cameras and microphones have a shiny slider"
    -"I put the slider of the microphones and cameras to the left"
    -"You see, I am not spying on you"
    -"Are those cameras and microphones turned off?"
    -"Yes they are"
    -"But my uncle, who is engineer, says they are still recording- those cameras and microphone"
    -"No they don't don't, its opt-in you know"
    -"Oh so its opt-in. So if its opt-in how come its still running, I didn't op-in. When did I opt-in" I put the slider to off!?"
    -"I don't see the problem"
    -"But I do"
    -"I don't like your tone"
    -"Fuck off. Remove the spyware"
    -"If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to use The House"
    -"But it's my house, I don't want spyware"
    -"Look it doesn't send anything anywhere"
    -"But they're constantly recording me"
    -"Your are rude. I am warning you, you are troll!"
    -"Remove the spyware ASSP!"
    -"If you don't like The House, hen don't use the house, nobody is forcing you"
    -"How do I uninstall it then?"
    -"Rebuild the house, its up to you"
    -"What the fuck? You want me to destroy My Hose? For fuck sake! Just remove your fucking microphones and cameras!"
    -You are a troll. You're banned!

    That is what exactly happened on Manjaro 20. They imposed spyware on us that constantly records your activity. It has fancy name called "telemetry" and amazing name as if the user has any control over its behavior- "kuserfeedback". First it starts from the lie of supposedly "its opt-in. Well if it's "opt-in" where is the question when I install Manjaro (Manjaro Hello/Welcome). Nobody asked me, if I the user wanted to install it. It was already there, where it is constantly running, using my CPU, my HDD (home folder and not only) and recording everything including geolocation, ip and so on. And second its not spyware its "telemetry". Oh wow, since its telemetry, I see, not a spyware. Buhahahaha. Yeah.

    And it has the very features every spyware has. You cannot uninstall it (good luck trying) and nobody is asking you if you want it. Plus its constantly recording (you CANNNOT turn it off). "But don't worry, it doesn't send anything". "You know we have a website- you see": Great website and it tell its opt-in.(When the fuck did I OPT-IN?).

    You have to compile KDE from scratch in order to remove it. Wow! Talk about bullshiting people and pushing spyware down the user throats. Maximum bullshit.