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Fedora 32 Cleared For Release Next Week

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    Originally posted by zxy_thf View Post
    In every aspect I can see, I think you ARE the new debianxfce, blaming other distros for the sake of blaming.
    Hell, the Muppetts could of done a better job , even Google had the right move an skip a release when they couldnt concentrate on it due to the Virus epidemic.


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      i already downloaded fedora 32 and installed it on a usb stick. i will later install it on an old laptop.

      i have fedora 31 on my new amd based laptop and i can really admit that for amd hardware it is the Holy Grail.

      debian 10 and even 11 failed badly compared tho fedora31 on my amd hardware i use threadripper and a ryzen2000/3000 laptop.
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        Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
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        angrypie Yeah Leigh is always angry. Just like Kevin Kofler. I guess it is hard for those guys to see their desktop visions crumble.
        The F33 background makes it hard to read the desktop icons, if gnome still had them their devs would have bitched about the lame background choice.

        FTR fedora background developer has always been late producing the new package in time for the beta freeze.
        This causes every spin trouble each release, why can't he do it a day or two after branching instead?

        F33+ cinnamon wont use the default background.


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          This thread, my God... 🤦🏻‍♂️


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            I've been using Fedora 31 with Sway on my work laptop (XPS 13) and it's been a dream. As of now, the only distribution that does not give me problems with my Dell TB 16 dock.


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              Windows 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 and 2004 have all used the same background. That is 5 releases of Windows and yet people still absolutely love it!

              Perhaps the trick is to keep the same background so that users feel some sort of stability and attachement?