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Initial Benchmarks Of Fedora 32 Linux Performance

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    For most of the heavy workloads, Fedora 32 was performing similar to Fedora 31 on this Intel COre i9 system.


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      Originally posted by Britoid View Post
      It actually does, you have to be super careful. If RHEL started shipping with loads of unlicensed h264 codecs there almost certainly is going to be a legal case given how popular RHEL is.

      Fortunately, there's both the Flathub and Cisco h264 codecs so this issue is a bit less of an issue now.
      Maybe it was bad timing or something, but I only ever had success with the Flathub/Cisco stuff with Silverblue based on 31 and plain Fedora 32. Any other combination with SB seemed to result in error codes from video streaming sites.


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        Originally posted by wizard69 View Post

        I'm not even sure why this is a concern. I immediately download some tropical themed photo from the net and have something to dream about while doing whatever on the machine.
        Exactly. Themes and wallpapers are subjective.

        First thing I do is set my wallpaper to use the NASA pic of the day. At least when I go to my desktop I can daydream about a Starman wanting to meet us but being afraid he'd blow our minds.