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OpenSUSE Leap + SUSE Linux Enterprise Planning To Move Closer In 2020

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    It looks like the new merger will be based on SLE’s systemd package. So that really tells who’s the boss now.

    I wonder if this merger is a consequence of the recent public meltdown of the OpenSUSE board?


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post

      Another fanatical believer that "only the latest new stuff can possibly be secure or productive". Despite decades of experience showing that stable, long term support packages are easier to secure and often run better/faster.

      I use Tumbleweed and Arch fairly often, but not because their bleeding edge packages make them more secure or perform faster. I use them because they have packages with new features I'd like to use without waiting 6-9 months like Fedora and Ubuntu users or 2-3 years like Debian users, and without having to forage through unstable, rarely tested, hobbyist PPAs to try recent software. That's where insecurity lies.
      That's total bullshit. Almost nobody develops for desktop linux because of backports. You can't keep a program binary running past one distro release at best, then it needs patched to compile against new distro releases. In addition to that you need a different package patched and compiled for every release of every distro. And then to top it all off you need to backport and patch in every security fix for every single one of those dozens of packages. Maintaining one program requires dozens of builds and each one is guaranteed to break next time one of its dependencies get updated. More backporting.... Companies get stuck in a constant unrelenting cycle that so called "stable" distro's force upon them. So they just don't do it. How the fuck is that productive?
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