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Remastersys for Ubuntu and derivatives

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  • Remastersys for Ubuntu and derivatives

    I created a script to make a livecd/dvd remaster of an Ubuntu and derivative system.

    If you want to know more about it or give it a shot, here is the main wiki page for it:

    Clem the founder of Linux Mint is hosting everything for me.

    It should work on Dapper versions and Edgy right now. Haven't taken a look a Feisty yet but I will in the near future.

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    Wow, very nice! I was actually looking for something to respin Ubuntu recently. Fedora 7 with Pungi is so nice

    You've made Phoronix News --
    Michael Larabel


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      So far the response from folks that have tried it out has been positive. I even had a very nice compliment likening it to mklivecd which I consider an honour considering the maturity of that tool.


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        Version 1.3 should be available sometime today.

        I added features and options that are more geared towards actual distribution users based on requests from Clem over at Linux Mint.

        Added a global config file where you can set the CD Title, Livecd username, iso filename, extra excludes,etc.

        Also added a feature to run the cd filesystem creation and iso file creation separately for those that want to add stuff to the cd or make changes to isolinux before making the iso file. Again this is more geared towards actual distribution functions.

        Clem at Linux Mint is using remastersys to create a KDE version of mint.