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Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 Released - Finally Supports SecureBoot, Home Encryption

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    Originally posted by Charlie68 View Post
    Most users don't have a clue what an init service is, most of the remaining users don't care about changing the init service because they don't care. At the end of all this thing about changing the init system, only a few users are interested, this is the reason that nobody cares to maintain an init system, which can have a little testing, with all the problems that derive from it.
    Point well taken but there are slimmer and faster boot loaders that could benefit a subset of systems, e.g. some embedded or industrial PCs.


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post

      Since Mac and Gnome don't give you any options, doing everything with 2 clicks is really 2 clicks too many.
      Indisputably you don't use both...