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Fedora 32 Beta Released With EarlyOOM By Default, GNOME 3.36 Desktop

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    Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post

    I've used GNOME with multiple screens without complaint, but haven't tested another DE in that regard.

    There was a time where I was switching between a few computers, all not meeting the "99% of people" specs (HiDPI, 2-in-1). I like consistency between my computers, and GNOME works the best for me in that regard.

    But even on the single-screen non-HiDPI computer I'm using now, GNOME works great.
    The GNOME Activities view I think really excels under multiple screens.


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      Fedora 32 works great with wayland now. Super fluid UI. Nice to see improvements to Gnome performance. I love were gnome directs, I'm using Mac OS side by side with Fedora, and now Fedora is almost as smooth in day by day usage as Mac.


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        Originally posted by AdamW View Post

        So, we were supposed to ship Silverblue and IoT images with the Beta but for various fun reasons this doesn't entirely seem to have happened! See [email protected] for the messy inside rant about this, but for a practical take away, you can grab Silverblue and IoT bits that should exactly match the Beta here:

        * Silverblue:
        * IoT:

        edit: as far as CoreOS goes - I am told there isn't/won't be an official 'Beta', but the team will look to set up a 32 stream for CoreOS soon. Right now there isn't one.
        Thanks. Thought it was odd that versions labeled as the "future of Fedora" weren't even given honorable mentions.


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          Originally posted by Britoid View Post

          The GNOME Activities view I think really excels under multiple screens.
          Especially with that multi-monitor plugin so you get the sidebar on two screens. I wish that plugin was part of Gnome by default.

          Gnome's overall multi-monitor support isn't very good.