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Linspire 8.7 Trying To Lure Windows Users With Switch From KDE To MATE Desktop

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    > Just as everyone tries to mimic Windows, MSFT goes and changes it again.


    The article says "a possible future", "what might be called a work in progress", etc.


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post

      "Hello Cortana"
      "Yes, I'll be your GNU/Linux assistant today."
      If you want to copy typical windows use then it would be "F++k off Cortana, why don't you die just like clippy"


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        Originally posted by finalzone View Post

        Gnome 3 idea is actually inspired by the old Xerox GlobalView interface from the 1980.

        It has desktop icons. Gnome, why don't you have a feature older than me?

        But that doesn't change that, to me anyways, Gnome gives off an iOS feel with how their top bar looks, how the way applications are launched reminds me of the Android app drawer, and that the hot corner switching screen reminds me of the Recent Apps button from an Android phone (Plasma and Gnome with that one).

        It's GTK3 that takes inspiration from that UI.

        The only resemblance the core shells have with one another is they both use a top bar. From there, there are clearly design differences between GlobalView and Gnome and it's GTK3 that continues on with the GlobalView bar...figuratively and literally

        A Note To All:
        Those pictures are on a non-https site. Disable your forced https plugins before replying that you can't see the pictures. I've been down this road before here.


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          Who would want this, your just switching one propitiatory system for another!


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            Originally posted by ALRBP View Post
            [On their website] "The leading Open Source Desktop Alternative"
            "Leading". Are they serious?
            I didn't even know they still existed.
            Are there real good reasons for a user coming from Windows to use Linspire, and pay 30$, instead of Mint/Ubuntu/Fedora?
            This guy tries to leverage brands from the dustbin of history (which he then uses to rebrand essentially the same Ubuntu remix he's been offering for years). Most of these brands have negligible name recognition, so it's kind of a wasted effort on his part anyway.

            Prior to necroing the Linspire and Freespire brands, he purchased the Black Lab Linux brand from Fixstars, and released an Ubuntu remix under that name. However, he also used a logo[1] very similar to (i.e. cropped to the upper torso and flipped horizontally with a color scheme change) the Yellow Dog Linux logo,[2] which Fixstars still owns the rights to.[3] He also used an alternative logo[4] unimaginatively similar to a couple of iterations of Lycos' logo (while not being an exact copy, it is essentially based on the head from one iteration[5] of the Lycos logo and the body of another iteration[6] of the Lycos logo). He had vacillated back and forth between different business models for Black Lab Linux, which, IMO, made for a mercurial product.

            He also states[7] that he acquired the Dreamlinux trademark. He briefly had a spat with Ladislav Bodnar because Ladislav got tired of altering the DistroWatch page for his distribution due to the constant name and logo changes, which temporarily resulted in the distribution being delisted from DistroWatch (comment #55).

            He briefly tried to brand a product "Amiga OpenLinux", including using the Amiga Boing Ball logo,[8] then using a version of the Boing Ball flipped horizontally and colored blue,[9] but he never acquired rights for Amiga branding. He made pie in the sky promises to the Amiga enthusiast community,[10] which of course didn't pan out. Later he announced an "Ami/LX" product but it quickly died. He also announced another distribution, named PC-UX,[11] but he hadn't acquired the trademark from NEC. I don't think it (the distribution) survived beyond an alpha release before being scrapped.

            Prior to the aforementioned profusion, he had an Ubuntu remix named PC/OS. The name was later change to OS4 (then to OS/4 and then to OS/4 OpenLinux),[12] and he even toyed around with a logo design[13] based on the OS/2 logo.[14] I seem to remember another logo draft which was very derivative of the NeXT logo, but I can't find it now.

            He said he was going to pick up development of Remastersys after it was discontinued by Fragadelic,[15] but his primary contribution was a name change[16] before discontinuing the fork.[17] He has claimed in the past to have made contributions to independent open source projects, but I haven't seen any proof of that.

            Maybe this guy means well, but he comes across as a snake oil salesman. He is repurposing brands, but they aren't real continuations of their predecessors. Of all the names he's used, I wish he would have stuck with his PC/OS Linux brand. I wish he would forge his own path rather than try to trade on memories of the past.

            And I really wish websites wouldn't give this remix distribution attention.
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              Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
              skeevy420 I quoted one of the few responders to the change proposal. That change is soon resolved and then official. If you want to take the deep dive then go to fedora’s KDE mailing list.

              Sorry for the late reply. Got Corona :/
              Hmm. So if Steve Wozniak thinks he's patient zero and you have Corona....tell your boss to tell his boss to bring back the goddamn function keys

              I hope you get to feeling better.