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Manjaro Does Not Test Stable Releases.

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  • Manjaro Does Not Test Stable Releases.

    Apparently Manjaro does not test their releases/updates (only they claim so), but only withhold them for longer than Arch. This is supposedly done to test those updates and apply fixes. This is not the case. The updates despite being sometimes posponed for 2 month don't come checked before they are released. Hence Manjaro has IDENTICAL issues as the rolling Arch. The long period between updates may also lead to leaving you with vulnerabilities, like the recent pamac security issue.

    In the last few months I have encountered the identical issues with Manjaro, that were carried over from Arch. Updates were witheld for months but nothing that was reported on Arch was fixed before Manjaro released the same updates at a later date. Those updates broke the whole updating process. Just like on Arch.

    4.My issue was with the requirement of MANUAL INTERVENTIONS before executing $pacman -Syu.

    a) 1st manual intervention appeared when updating the system. One package without heavy dependancies like xorg/drivers etc can break the whole update process. That package was bleachbit. One package during pacman -Syu COMPLETELY stopped the whole process of updating.
    Nothing got updated. I think everything should got updated, besides that stupid one package (bleachbit) and pacman should complain that bleachbit couldn't be updated. But the whole process got stuck on bleahbit. Of course I did $ sudo rm -r /usr/share/whateverbleachbit because uninstalling the package did not help to progress the update. Update was still impossible.

    b)2nd update got me black screen on boot (not a graphic driver issue as you may think). Till this day I have no idea what happened.

    c)3rd update got completely stuck spitting the issue about "qt5-python". The info about it was nowhere to be found (!). I got stuck with updates. I did search all the little post in all Arch forums (found in Arch errors database). One package of python qt5 is flagged as BOGUS and I did -Rdd on it. Voila. Updates went through. Does anyone use Manjaro KDE? How did you update your system? You surely had the same issue! But its nowhere on the Manjaro forum!

    Those were all the 3 issues, that could be resolved via Manjaro repos. Those packages could have been removed PRIOR updates. So doing pacman -Syu should have removed that BOGUS py-qt5 package (as well as the other /usr/share of bleachbit...) and I would be non the wiser there was an issue. But I had to manually intervene, hunting the Internet before/after updates.

    Now there's xorg/x11 cleanup coming. January 2020 manjaro Stable update ( from Manjaro 18.1.5 to newer, ver.19?) will break because the issues reported on Arch were not addressed. Updates were only postponed, not tested and fixed.

    Summery: user should never face any issues that will block updates or require online hunting for links before he updates the system. This renders the distro unstable and should as such be called beta. When the updates are tested, hooks and fixes applied then its called stable and the updates are pushed. Apparently Manjaro only withholds the updates but never tests them for errors. They have the job easy because all of those issues that broke and blocked completely the updates were already reported on Arch. They have chosen to ignore them. They only postoponed the updates by never checking if they are stable or require fix/hooks/removal of some packages at the same time. What a lazy team.

    PS. There's also an issue with unknow user added by default. What for? With what privilages?
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