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Fedora LivePower - an alternative to SystemRescueCD

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  • Fedora LivePower - an alternative to SystemRescueCD

    Since I desperately needed to run SystemRescueCD on a new Ice Lake laptop and it simply refused to boot in any text/graphical mode (went straight to black after showing GRUB menu - nomodeset, askvga and other tricks didn't help) I created my own distro based on Fedora which loosely resembles SystemRescueCD and contains a similar set of software tools.

    Meet Fedora LivePower - a LiveCD (to be honest it's a LiveDVD since it's far above 700MB) distro based on Fedora XFCE LiveCD. It cannot be used to install Fedora since I created it solely for using as a LiveCD (it saved a dozen of megabytes).

    Hopefully people will find it handy.