This post is not intended for offending anyone, but honest review of a product. Please focus only on technical error made by Manjaro and do not under any circumstances engage in any rage/trolling whatsoever. This is purely technical review. Be an adult and polite and only discuss technical issues not engaging in any personal attacks.

I did fixed below issues I have pointed below. But they shouldn't be existent in the first place. Improvement is always welcomed. If its not we should abandon the distro and its coders/creators.


No bullshit reviews are the best!

Manjaro KDE 18.1 Stable (horse stable).

First of all:
I was on Fedora exclusively since ver. 18. I know my stuff. Since GNOME 3 fuckup,
I switched to KDE. I also maintain Arch box with OPENRC. I have Intel
Management Engine (IME) turned off. You get the hint, don't you?

If I wanted to spend my life configuring Arch (I did!) I wouldn't install Manjaro.
But I spent with Manjaro KDE 18.1 Horse Stable 2 days. And oh, boy. This
is not what I expected. Complete fuckup!


1. Installer failed to remove logical volume management (lvm) thus became useless.
I had to do KDE Partition Manager Woodooo to even start installing Manjaro.

2. The instller made only one partition by default (no lvm or gpt partitioning
scheme with separate home and root - only one partition and not even a small
swap by default).

3. Installer (unlike Fedora, learn Manjaro!) ignored security setting.
By default the box for the new user is unticked, so it means it should NOT
become sudoer, but Manjaro ignored this settings and made an ordinary user
a sudoer. Root/su account was created correctly but only terminal pacman was able
to utilize the su password. The rest of the system popups and guis did not wanted
su password, it regected su pass. Only sudoer could do meintenance! Not su/root.
I DID NOT CREATED SUDOER and yet the ordinary user pass was working! Manjaro
istaller ignored my security settings. Fedora has it correctly (albeit very
bad installer).

Result = ordinary user can install software and mess up the system! But use using
GUIs and root password is ignored. Even the shitty Fedora has it right.

5.Installer has no neither llvm nor RAID settings.


1. Firewall by default. By default there's no firewall at all in Manjaro.
When you go to plasma-nm and try to set up your WiFi the firewall section
will be greyed out (no firewall, not to mention zones). By default you are
left prone to being ssh-ed. Not good! Even the shitty Fedora has it right.
Firewall by default integrated into plasma-nm GUI (And after so many years
I finally quit Fedora, I wander now are others more shitty ??!!).

Trying to go simple route with gufw+ufw will not help. Installing gufw+ufw+
setting it up will not help. After reboot the firewall is gone. Activating
it will not survive reboot. You have to specifically go to Konsole to do
TWO things: staring ufw service and enabling ufw service. And Manjaro
was supposed to be what Mint is to Ubuntu. Yeah,right tell your grandmother
to do the above.

ufw is not compatible with plasma-nm. It doesn't show there. ufw is not KDE
ready software (gnome 2 ready!)

2.Time. Many network services (and its security) require time to be set
correctly. Network services are unavailable because time in Manjaro
is out of sync. Manjaro (unlike all other distros!) has timesync turned off.
Manjaro is not syncing time with any timeservers whatsoever. Sydtemd timesyncd
is in Manjaro turned off. What the fuck!

3.The shittiest fonts I have ever seen in my life.
Manjaro 18.1 KDE (horse) stable has the shittiest fonts of any distro.
Not even a lousy lcddefault or (slight) hinting. One has to go a shitty
lenghty, scary route of installing new cairo, freetype2 patches and settings
and do settings woodo to enable lcddefault filtering, slight hinting and
then doing half an hour install and settings (complicated woodoo). There
s no even and arch wiki for that and its not easy- you have to do some etc
setting,s then pull down many packages, do the makepkg -sci and pray for
the good, and in the end again you have to do etc settings including setting
appropiate color filtering and other settings to have it working corectly.

Aparently in Ubuntu it has never been and issue. Its 2019 for fuc sake!
Tell your granma to fix fonts on Manjaro. Buhahahaha. Are you kidding me?!
so many packages and in the endgo to etc
find appropriate settings.

Recogintion of hardware (only Intel Skylyke! no fancy shitty Nvidia or AMD):

Manjaro 18.1 KDE (horse)stable does not properly recognize Intel hardware.
By booting to the system, I thought, that Manjaro was frozen. I was immediately
welcomed by a completely blank screen. Apparently Manjaro does not recognize
Intel, hence no Intel fast boot and blank screen instead of my laptop vendor
logo at boot. Only blank screen as if it was frozen. What the fuck!

By default there's no Intel GPU memory management library installed despite
it being in the main repo.

By default GPU accelerated video playback is missing despite being it only
intel machine. VLC is the default player and it had no that capability (unlike
mpv+smplayer). There are no libva+gst1-vaapi libraries installed by default.
Tell MS Windows infidels to switch to linux and fix it in Manjaro (Manjaro
should be out of the box, otherwise we all have Arch, don't we). They will
laugh you off.

KDE is broken Manjaro Spin:

If I go to KDE distro I expect KDE not GNOME crap.
If I go to GNOME I expect GNOME.
Easy right?

KDE is wonderful DE. There's no need to pester it with GTK apps that
do not suite KDE nor they are compatible or complete. Thunderbird is just
an email client and not that good (vide: network handling, lagre email handling,
databases handling, fucked up profiles that disappear etc) not to mention
its just a side project of Mozilla.

Why to do that when KDE has a complete wonderuly integrated PIM suite of
applications. They all are one part not just an email client. Talk about
full integration. Kontakt is your command center for everything. You have
your calendar and events for that. All perfectly working together. How the
hell would Thunderbird send you an event reminder to your clock calendar and
gave you a messege popup. Its not good! Thunderbird has no place in KDE!!!
And since ver 30 I started to hate Fedora KDE Spin. Was I wrong?
GNOME 3 has no PIM, so why would you give KDE GNOME apps and make KDE look
bad and unprofessional. Leave GNOME to GNOME and KDE to KDE!!

No is fucking not just a preference because PIM is not an email client.
READ MY LIPS. KDE PIM is not an email client. Leave KDE to kde and shitty
gnome to gnome. If someone wants to fuck up KDE then its their job. Leave
KDE Spin alone or don't do KDE Spin at all !!! If you don't know KDE then
don't do KDE. But don't tell its official when you break KDE. People of KDE

Manjaro is Messing up with KDE Setup and braking KDE:

removing default KDE application switcher and installing
the switcher which makes open apps look like app shortcuts
without any text. Which are running app and which are shortcuts to app?
Manjaro app switcher requires TWO clicks to switch between opened windows.
The default requires only ONE. Why did you change it?! Its not GNOME!
Are you making it intentionally to break KDE and make it look bad because
GNOME devs somke crack? Change for the sake of change or GNOME sabottage.
Are they really that stupid or they are paid by GNOME to make KDE look bad?
KDE is easy, has pro grade PIM software suite. Awesome for office. You
can even send sms from your KDE desktop. And they give you up shitty gtk
email off site project of Mozilla. KDE PIM is not an email client. LEARN KDE!!
Leave KDE to KDE users and gnome to gnome. xfce to xfce. Leave us alone!
Do not sabotage KDE!

And all of these are my discoveries just after 2 days. Only 2 days....