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  • New Pungi Release

    New Pungi Release (For Fedora 7) is now available. Jesse Keating mentioned the changes on his blog:

    - Add support for globbing in manifest
    - Add new Make targets (Essien Ita Essien)
    - Add runtime flags for doing specific stages of the compose (Essien Ita Essien)
    - Add ability to define destdir on the cli to override conf file
    - Clean up optionparse stuff, print usage if arg list is too small
    - Fix part of the patch from Essien
    - Add Contributors to the Authors file
    - Adjust the Makefile so that srpm doesn't cause a tag
    - Merged changes from Will Woods
    - Write out some tree description files
    - Don't traceback on existing files in download area (not sure this will stay)
    - Style fixed some stuff from Will
    - Add logging patch from jbowes
    - Various logging tweaks
    - Use -d flag in createrepo for sqlite blobs
    - Add pydoc stuff to various functions
    - Support comments in the package manifest
    Michael Larabel