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CentOS 8.0 Completed Its Initial Build Loop

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  • CentOS 8.0 Completed Its Initial Build Loop

    Phoronix: CentOS 8.0 Completed Its Initial Build Loop

    It looks like CentOS 8 as the "community" version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 is still a few weeks away, but good progress is being made...

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    Build Loop 1 is also marked completed, as from today (4th of july)


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      From the Wiki and koji page, it seems build loop 1 has also completed, with no new builds having been started for a few days.


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        Why is it so slow to build centos 8? Oracle linux 8 is in Beta since may 1st !


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          Well the mayor reason is that Oracle Linux belongs to Oracle (a company), same with RHEL. When you have a company, then you have strict timeline and schedules, and developers are obliged to follow it. CentOS on another hand is a community driven where there is no solid structure and no deadlines. Similar like Debian. Developers can work on it in their spare time, thus making their own timeline. They do have their primary job which it brings them their income. Community on another hand does not... TL;DR: Community is more like, I'll do it when I have time for...


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            Originally posted by madhura View Post
            Why is it so slow to build centos 8? Oracle linux 8 is in Beta since may 1st !
            RHEL 8 beta was released as beta in late 2018 and RHEL 8 GA was released 7th may. So actually Oracle linux 8 beta is probably based on half year old RHEL beta.


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              Oracle Linux 8 Beta seems to use Anacoda version as the installer which according to the Anaconda changelog was created November 6 2018. So it seems to me that Oracle Linux 8 Beta is likely based on a mid-November snapshot.

              CentOS 8 build loop 1 seems to be based around much more recent packages such as Anaconda which had been created by RH on March 14 as can be seen here:

              I'm guessing we won't see any sort of public repository until the debranding patches is considered completed. It would be nice to have a more detailed status on how many packages are considered completed by the debranding team, but it seems all we are going to be provided as an "Ongoing" status.

              I'm not a part of the CentOS team and can't give any further insight into what is actually going on internally with CentOS. However, based on what I recall about CentOS 7, my expectations of the timeline would be something like this:

              Late-July 2019 - Debranding completed. Installer work still on-going. Testing dnf repository of packages provided. Test RPMs for CentOS 7 provided of rpm-4.14 and dnf also provided. Early testers told to do a minimal install of CentOS 7 and then upgrade the install with the provided rpm/dnf updates.

              August 2019 - Bulk of installer work considered done. QA work still ongoing for some packages. Release Candidate ISOs provided and RC status changed to Ongoing.

              September 2019 - Final release (maybe?)

              Having Build Loop 1 completed is a nice baby step forward but Debranding, Installer and QA are still a great deal of work to do just to get to the RC release of an install ISO step.


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                They've updated their wiki as Build Loop N being complete also!
                Build Loop N 2019-06-20 2019-06-28 DONE

                So i suppose compiling work is done, now the polishing/debranding stuff?