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Clear Linux and Class 1 UEFI

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  • Clear Linux and Class 1 UEFI

    I am having a devil of a time getting Clear Linux (latest) to boot properly on Class 1 UEFI computers. (boot meaning from a local SSD post install)

    The Clear compatibility script runs just fine. It installs to a SSD just fine. It runs the live ISO just fine. But it errors out on boot because (to my research) it appears that it cannot locate the EFI partition *OR* the Class 1 UEFI is referring the OS to the wrong partition to locate the EFI file.

    I have used the live boot to mount the hidden EFI partition and relocate the files, but then I get a "freedesktop......cpio" error and the system does a hard hang.

    I have done a large amount on work on this and read Clear's support site on working with EFI implementations.

    When this first started I was trying to use an Acer i3 (Sandy Bridge) with a Class 1 UEFI and it was hopeless, so i pitched it and replaced it with a Dell Optiplex 990 i7-2600.

    This model has an updated version of the Class 1 UEFI where the BIOS screen actually displays the boot managers installed and which OS has an EFI file in place. Awesome I thought.

    Once again I install Clear Linux from scratch, it updates the UEFI and shows a "Linux Boot Manager" in the UEFI boot settings, but when I SSD boot I get a "cannot locate boot disk" error.

    Per Intel this can happen from time to time, so I followed their instructions to update the EFI partition and I restart and get the 'cpio' error and a hard hang.

    I followed their "how to co-locate Clear with other OS'es" wiki and no joy.

    Windows, no problem.
    Ubuntu, no problem.
    CentOS, no problem.
    Arch, no problem.

    So why can't Clear Linux work with Class 1 UEFI? Yeah, yeah, its a 2011/2012 era BIOS. I think UEFI is up to what, v2.3 now? So if this is true, then just have the compatibility script say so and I will stop trying.

    I understand that Clear didn't even exist in 2011 and that there is not a wealth of Sandy Bridge's left in the world running Class 1 UEFI. So it definitely is not a target market for the product. I guess I would recommend that the script check the UEFI type of the host and decline the install due to the variance in EFI partition types from that era.