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100+ Benchmarks Between Clear Linux vs. Arch-Based Manjaro Linux - Summer 2019 Tests

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    Manjaro... tsk.


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      Originally posted by GdeR View Post

      People like you made me want to stay away from Arch.
      Thanks Tildearrow. you deserve more than 1 like, but sadly I can only give you one.


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        Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post

        I don't think the Arch community is that bad really. There's plenty of RTFM in the forums, but they usually post a link to the part of the wiki they mean. Personally, if I get a snarky answer that fixes my problem I'm happy.
        ofc, that's the sane way of living in society.


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          Michael Nice graphs, it always shows relative improvements against the opponent's results?

          Also, there is some whitespace on the final of the graph, don't know if it was related to results that wee filtered because no significant differences


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            I'd like to see a purely ryzen optimized OS one of these days. But AMD is going to be squeezed for resources for a bit longer, so I'm not holding my breath. Just a luxury item at this point.


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              The new graph is counter intuitive. I prefer one of two options.
              Two single graphs, with same measured results pointing to the right.
              Or the conventional double-bar graph with one bar Manjaro, the other Clear-Linux.

              Next month, can the test be repeated using AMD's cpu


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                I like the new graph format. Very easy to read in 1 screen, or scrolling in 1 screen.

                I will echo a comment from another poster: I would like to see most divergent/significant results at the top with the "no difference" results at the bottom.

                As of OS choices, as long as the OS choices are tested using the same tests, then I think the results ARE VALID for comparing OS.

                How an OS chooses to recompile source or choose options for a package should be reflected in these tests. Some distros tend towards conservative options while others "push the limits", and I find that an interesting comparison.


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                  Also quite like the new 1on1 graph for such comparisons.


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                    Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post

                    If what you get on Manjaro is compiled without optimizations and what you get on Clear Linux is compiled with -O3 then the results are valid. What would be the point in installing a distro, then building everything from source? If you go down that road, everything Michael does is pointless unless it's on an LFS system.
                    Ever heard of Gentoo..?


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                      Originally posted by rabcor View Post

                      Why not manjaro?
                      It's not Arch.