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OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 Released - Based Off SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1

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    Originally posted by Slartifartblast View Post
    there is very little point and you could push those updates on Leap 15 without going to Leap 15.1 and just carry on supporting Leap 15.
    Well, certain library upgrades require rebuilding everything that uses them, which could end up being a lot. Once the web of interdependencies grows to be too large, it ends up being easier to bundle the new versions together into a new release. Hopefully, that build then receives enough testing that you (the user) can have some confidence in the library versions chosen and their ability to play nicely with each other.


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      Originally posted by coder View Post
      When you boot from an ISO, it gives you the option to upgrade. I can't speak for Leap 15.1, but previous releases worked that way.
      Yes, but i mean strait from the desktop, as ubuntu does.

      E.g.: getting a notification there is a new version available and allow the user to upgrade from the desktop (not from the iso). (like, ubuntu, windows, macos...)