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Debian 10 "Buster" Currently Defaults To GNOME On Wayland, But That Still Could Change

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    Originally posted by retardxfce View Post
    I agree that XFCE is perfect but I dont agree that it has HiDPI support which is an unnecessary bloated feature that XFCE doesnt need...
    Ok, you win, I lose. Can't think of a sane reply to this impeccable logic.


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      I agree that gnome3 is perfect but I dont agree that it has HiDPI support which is an unnecessary bloated feature that gnome3 doesnt need. HiDPI is an Apple invention to trick users into buying cheap 4K monitors. I have a 4K monitor which does not work with my Gnome3 desktop with "wayland" or hidpi". This is a perfect resolution because it allows me to run my games at lowest settings. With my stock Fedora kernel and slow Gnome3 desktop I get 0 FPS while running Assassin's Creed 1 on Steam Proton and 0 FPS on Super Tux Kart because the gnome3 desktop with wayland crashes.

      The Fedora user eye cant see above 3 fps anyway so you dont need more.
      I legitimately had to do a double-take at your username and post count just to make sure it wasn't yet another joke account mimicking you.


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        You can not code:
        Start programming and stop hunting me.
        A few things:
        1. How is my ability to code at all relevant to anything in this entire discussion, or the comment you replied to?
        2. Since when is github the definition of whether you can program something? I'm sure I do more programming than you on a weekly basis (some of which even involves using git, just not github), either for work or for my hobbies. Most of that code can't be publicized, either because it contains private information or because it's specific to a one-of-a-kind piece of hardware. Some of my hobby code is publicly available and open-source, just not posted on github.
        3. I am not hunting you. Look back through all your posts with me (from any thread) and you'll find I'm far less aggressive/antagonistic against you than many others.
        4. Bold claims warrant feedback whether you're asking for it or not.


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          Installed Debian buster and started setting up OBS... What is the first thing I found? Nvenc does not work. I was not even aware they switched to Wayland by default I didn't care either but tried to resolve the issue and no matter what I tried it looks it is all Wayland and Nvidia does not go well. The great news is Ubuntu is still Xorg and they plan to stick for quite some time. At least some distros keeping common sense ironically I switched Debian due to Wayland issues there back then now it is time to switch back