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Fedora 30 Performance Is Moving In The Right Direction But A Lot Of Untapped Potential

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    Originally posted by calc View Post
    sse3 has existed since P4 (prescott) - Feb 2004
    SSSE3 is not the same thing as SSE3. The former was introduced a couple of years after the later.


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      Originally posted by treba View Post
      I wonder about the trade-off between security and performance. AFAIK fedora has 'harder' compile flags than ubuntu/clear linux, but I might be wrong.
      Yup, the _hardened_build flag was enabled for all builds in F23. Background of the change here:

      Better safe than sorry :-)


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        You not dare to compare my snappy operating system against those bloated systems.
        I have to assume you are trolling with your constant promotions of Debian+XFCE, but I will grant you one thing, I have 2 old laptops, one is a single core Sony and one is a dual core Dell with an Athlon X2, the first only has a gig of ram and the second has 2 gigs.

        Neither one is fast enough to run a Gnome or KDE desktop and they barely run Peppermint OS or Lubuntu, but I decided to try Manjaro+XFCE on them and was surprised by how well they run, especially on the dual core, so i will grant you that XFCE, with the right distro underneath, can be a useful desktop for some old hardware.

        But as far as Debian is concerned, its pure garbage and so is anyone that's associated with it, including it's users.


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          Originally posted by calc View Post

          sse3 has existed since P4 (prescott) - Feb 2004
          sse4.2 has existed since Core i3/5/7 1st gen (nehalem) - Nov 2008

          Time for you to upgrade to a faster system like a $10 arm sbc
          This is so funny! 😂😂😂😂😂.

          A lot of people live live in the past. Not only are those ARM based boards faster they run on a few watts.

          By the way somewhat guilty with a focus on the past, I just sent to recycling and old 80486 box. In any event modern operating systems really should require modern hardware, it is the leveraging of the hardware that leads to good performance.