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Fedora 30 Cleared For Release Next Tuesday

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  • Fedora 30 Cleared For Release Next Tuesday

    Phoronix: Fedora 30 Cleared For Release Next Tuesday

    While yesterday it was a "No-Go" for releasing Fedora 30, the developers and testers did a stellar job over the past twenty-four hours and got Fedora into shape for releasing on-time next week Tuesday...

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    Originally posted by michal
    "releasing on-time"

    Fedora releasing on time? really? did such thing happened before?
    Not only that, but we're about to get new laptops at work and I was thinking we should go with Fedora this time. Ubuntu is more stable and friendlier when you have to use closed source bits, but it just packs too old packages for a development environment.
    Talk about timing...


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      Originally posted by michal

      it depends on what you need for dev env. I mostly do webapps and for each project I configure new vm that reasembles server env. some people wants centos, other debian, yet another group likes ubuntu. I need to be flexible. I use fedora on two vm for my projects. but after release of next rhel I'll abadon it for next two years.
      Yeah, for web everyone and their grandmother have sidestepped the standard repositories and install/update through npm&comp. Go and Rust do that, too (the sidestepping, not the npm usage ). But for everything else...