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Fedora 30 Beta Released With GNOME 3.32, Many New Features

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    I have Deepin installed in a VM and its desktop environment is interesting.


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      Originally posted by Zyklon View Post
      I opened appropriate bug reports quite some time ago, but nobody seems to care : #1582345, #1629350, #1629351, #1665772 & #1693900
      Just Christian Stadelmann helped me (he uses the same German special keyboard layout as I do) and proposed some solutions. However, after adding the correct/missing kernel command-line parameter and re-creating the initramdisk, I blew my Grub configuration up and had to fix my backup manually for getting my system to work again (some IDs changed). So I’d rather not try again, I don’t want to risk my system. But ok, really seems to be a Silverblue issue.

      I will try your commands, but I already tried to gather some data, but after saving the output to a file, I couldn’t find that file back in normal mode. Do you have an idea why this is and how to correctly save files there?
      Oof, that's quite a few bug tracker issues. I believe this will be fixed in Silverblue eventually and is more of a side effect of rpm-ostree and family still being rather young.

      How did you regenerate the initramfs? My best guess for that failing would be e.g. if you ran dracut directly which might forgo some rpm-ostree magic.

      As for the logs, where did you save them? If they were saved to /, that actually ends up moving to /sysroot once the OS is fully booted. Maybe try a different location?

      Also in the future, feel free to drop any issues like this that you may encounter in the discussion forums! I can see you've already found it, but it's worth noting that you can definitely ask for help with issues like this. Usually I try to respond to everything I know how to, and worst-case scenario a few days pass before someone more knowledgeable picks it up.


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        Yeah I've linked those issues there, let's see if something happens. But the other issues are not related to Silverblue, as I have those on my regular Fedora system, too.