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Unexpected Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Coming Due To APT Security Issue

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    Originally posted by cybertraveler View Post
    I expect lots of systems have already been compromised by exploiting this vulnerability. It would be incredibly easy and reliable to exploit and gives you root access.
    This is what I took issue with - that speculation continues to be without merit. I challenged you to support it, recognise you've chosen not to, and instead have chosen to call into question "who I am". That's ad-hominem. Not particularly adversarial ad-hominem, but it is nonetheless.

    I'll provide some examples of some reasonably easy ways to execute MITM.

    You're in a dorm, there's people around you running apt-based distros, you know if you put up a hotspot for a while and the credentials become public knowledge that several of them may begin to 'borrow' your network. Those people need to recognise that they are in a high risk situation.

    You run a Starbucks... well if your customers are running a laptop with automatic updates they could also fall prey to you.

    You run a Blog. You can break into the router config of any of the hundreds of vulnerable wifi router models of your visitors (most of them can be broken merely by directing them to a web page which contains a hidden image with a link to and after that you can take control of their router).

    Yes these can all be done relatively easily. But these are low-value targets, not worth the effort and risk of conviction, so you're not going to do it.
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      linux geex:

      I don't know what your agenda is. Are you trying to test me or something?

      You just gave an example of a MITM situation. What do you want from me? Do you want me to give more MITM examples? Do you want some step by step instructions?

      Think what you want. I'm not here to argue or spend time persuading you of anything. IDK who you are. I don't care what you think.