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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Now Rolling With Linux 4.20, KDE Updates

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  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Now Rolling With Linux 4.20, KDE Updates

    Phoronix: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Now Rolling With Linux 4.20, KDE Updates

    If your new year's resolution was to try out a Linux rolling-release distribution, openSUSE Tumbleweed has shipped a number of updates ahead of the weekend for those wanting to give it a try. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is now making use of the Linux 4.20 stable kernel, KDE desktop package updates, and much more...

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    Also, just 3 days ago openSUSE Kubic became the first open source Kubernetes distribution to be certified using the CRI-O container runtime. CRI-O is is a lightweight alternative to using Docker as the runtime for kubernetes, and openSUSE Kubic is the only distro going with CRI-O as the default.


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      I've been using Tumbleweed for over a year without any problem, it's the first time that with a rolling distribution I have no problems, the good thing about Tumbleweed is the testing before the release and the release when the tests are passed and the stability it's acceptable. Good job !


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        Switched from Kubuntu to openSUSE TW, all ok so far, love it. A great stable OS for Plasma desktop.


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          Tumbleweed is the first rolling release I've used that has inspired me enough confidence to make it a daily driver on all my machines. This is due to a combination of good upstream testing (it is rare for a broken package to land on my machine, though it can occasionally happen) and excellent downstream recovery from broken updates thanks to the "snapper" system recovery tool.

          I hope that in due time, other rolling releases will get the memo that such update woe avoidance and recovery matters.


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            Same experience as the above users :
            Long time openSUSE user, switched to Tumbleweed about ~4 years ago (some time short after Factory and Tumbleweed merged).
            Never had a single regret since the switch.
            It's the single best most stable(*) rolling distro I've experienced.

            (*): Not the Debian meaning of Stable (= version doesn't move a iota for several years),
            the "doesn't explode and require 2 full days of nursing whenever you have fortitude to try updating/recompiling your Gentoo installation" kind of stable.

            Yes, I've been burned by Gentoo before :-P (I'm exaggerating a bit.)


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              Tumbleweed has the nicest installer for a Linux distribution I've seen to date. Well done to the team for that alone.