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Mark Shuttleworth Wants Pictures Of Your Desktop

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  • Mark Shuttleworth Wants Pictures Of Your Desktop

    Phoronix: Mark Shuttleworth Wants Pictures Of Your Desktop

    Mark Shuttleworth, the space tourist and founder of Canonical, has made a special request: he wants to see your desktop. Mark is requesting that everyone send him screenshots of your desktop in action...

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    Well I wonder if he has a full mailbox by the end of the week

    Here's my contribution to that mess

    (Mockup of my 6 virtual desktops runnung 1280x1024 each)

    Stupid tinypics makes the pictures look tiny ... d'oh.


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      Odd request, but I'm all for providing a study case to make my work with the desktop easier.


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        Just in case the email I sent to Mike doesn't get delivered and he would be looking around here:


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          I understand it may be useful to have all images sized the same size, but how I use my desktop changes with resolution. If I were limited to 1024x768 most of my windows would be maximized. The means I use to switch between windows would change. I often use several applications at once and often in such a fashion that I can see information from more than one at a time. At 1024x768 behavior is less likely because screen real estate is more scarce than the 1920x1200 that I'm used to.

          So while I could jump down to 1024x768 and take a screen shot, I'm not sure how useful that would be. You won't catch me in my "native" state. For me it significantly changes the way I place things on the screen and what settings I use.

          Does he want KDE shots too or just Gnome?


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            I've sent KDE 3 shots along with a notice that I make KDE 3 (Qt 3), KDE 4 (Qt 4) and Gnome (Gtk) apps look the same by using the QtCurve widget style which is available for Qt3/Qt4/Gtk and makes everything look the same.

            (Click for full size.)

            Gah, how on earth did I manage to use my PC on 1024x768 back in the days of my 15" monitor years ago?