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Linux Mint 19.1 Released Ahead Of The Holidays

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  • Linux Mint 19.1 Released Ahead Of The Holidays

    Phoronix: Linux Mint 19.1 Released Ahead Of The Holidays

    Linux Mint 19.1 is now officially available as the first update to the Linux Mint 19 stack that debuted back in July and powered by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS...

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    Sorry if this is offending question, but is Mint the same for Debian as what Samsung is to Android? I mean is it so that Mint only add some new UI software and some proprietary software?


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      It's Ubuntu 18.04.1 with a Cinnamon gui and distinct driver manager. Android is not like linux or Samsung or debian.


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        I understand what you're asking, and I don't feel that it's quite the same. I mean, it is like Samsung throwing their own UI on top of vanilla android, but no proprietary software that I know of. It seems that Mint often will tweak and fix issues that Ubuntu is having, and in my opinion, provides a smoother and more polished experienced overall.


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          @ #2

          It's what #3 says. Mint linux is now just Ubuntu with a cinnamon UI and now with much worse user help, even from the owner. You may as well use Ubuntu and add cinamon. The mint group has gotten lazy. Now they just pass along what they get from ubuntu and add some bugs of their own and then say they cant reproduce the bug your reporting. get Ubuntu if you want any help with problems. welcome to the New Mint.


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            it's constantly amazing to me how there are so many people around who so readily diss what other people work so hard on, and then offer up for free for everyone to use. Use whatever UI and distro takes your fancy, but this is not the work of a lazy team !


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              Without the KDE edition, I really don't care too much about Mint anymore.

              I'm using Kubuntu now and unfortunately I still miss the Mint updater which was great with showing updates with levels of danger and sources server chooser which did a speed test from your location to most of them so you could choose the fastest / closest one.
              Hopefully KDE developers could implement something similar in Plasma in the future so I won't miss it anymore.


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                @ #6

                '__it's constantly amazing to me how there are so many people around who so readily diss what other people work so hard on__'

                The point that most mint fanbois miss (__ignore__. most are too smart to MISS it. so that makes them---what?) is that the mint dev team including the leader do NOT 'work so hard on' Mint anymore. They havent in a long long time. If they had been working 'so hard on' mint, it would not have started its long downhill slide starting at Mint-18. Mint is now just one more mediocre linux distro, with all the bugs and regressions and no QA, which are the halmarks of most linux distros now. Along with the devs not having any time to fix the problems they created. You're bug report will be 'fixed' by ignoring it, by DEAD SILENCE by mint. Why so many bugs and problems handed to you with the __greatest__ release ever? Because they dont have ANY TIME for Q-A, ZERO! Using serious QA-on th frontend, along with FIXING BUGS-on the backend would not allow time to work on the next great featurefilled, and bugfilled version. 'Features' are MUCH more important than working correctly.

                As of today Mint is #3 or #4 on distro watch. 7Day average. It will go lower. Lookat where the once upon a time #1, ubuntu is for a good look at mint's future.


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                  So which distribution do you hold up as the paragon of light and virtue so that us poor, ignorant, and misguided fools who successfully run our businesses and lives with PC systems happily running the mediocre and undesirable Linux Mint might make the switch? Inquiring fabois want to know.


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                    @ #9

                    "So which that us poor, ignorant, and misguided fools...might make the switch? Inquiring fabois [sic] want to know."

                    Thanks for lending validation and proof.

                    "Never share the truth with someone who does not deserve it."