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Free Software Foundation Endorses Arch-based Hyperbola GNU/Linux

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    Originally posted by bachchain View Post

    So, a not-insignificant amount of developer work for a feature that adds nothing to the vast majority of their users.
    Well, R41N3R can ask, there's nothing wrong with that. But the Arch developers are free to say no.

    While I respect the dedication to free software of the Parabola developers, I think as a practical matter any Arch user that really cares about software freedom can just remove all proprietary software and install an Arch linux-libre package. The end result is effectively the same, and the Arch developers don't have to do any extra work.


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      Although the work that these distros are doing is mostly disregarded by the users, their importance is critical for everyone. The issues they encounter to beam up a working OS gives you the measure of how much fragile the FLOSS ecosystem actually is (at least on the x86 architecture) and at the same time how much work has been put into liberating everyone's computer.

      So thanks hyperbola and thanks FSF.
      PS: it's FSF membership renewal time!! Remember to join if you care about FLOSS!


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        The lack of consideration towards these initiatives we see in these forums is staggering. If you don't choose sides, someone will choose for you. The activism around free software is just as important as any other social movement fighting against how the rich and powerful think the world should be.