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Xubuntu Will Stop Producing 32-bit ISOs Beginning With Xubuntu 19.04

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  • Xubuntu Will Stop Producing 32-bit ISOs Beginning With Xubuntu 19.04

    Phoronix: Xubuntu Will Stop Producing 32-bit ISOs Beginning With Xubuntu 19.04

    Ubuntu 17.10 stopped producing 32-bit x86 ISOs and many other *buntu derivatives followed suit earlier this year. One of them still producing i386 images was Xubuntu, but now they have decided to abandon them as well...

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    This leaves the LXDE/LXQt-based Lubuntu as the only Ubuntu desktop distribution still offering 32-bit images moving forward, at least for now.
    I guess at least one must stay as how otherwise would 32bit libs for 64bit installs will be tested/maintained


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      I love how MS is the boogeyman of planned obsolescence, but they still release 32 bit windows 10.


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        It's about time.


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          It's not about time. At least not for a distribution that clearly also aims at low resource / low power systems.
          What has become of the "old- but safe" campaign? There are still many systems out there that do not waste power and are still suitable as purpose bound systems or even low demand desktop systems.
          Moreover in the developing countries a good bunch of this HW might still be there and it would be great if they could participate from fairly up to date software (incl. fixes).
          Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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            Originally posted by cRaZy-bisCuiT View Post
            It's about time.
            It was about time in 2007.


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              Originally posted by Zeioth View Post

              It was about time in 2007.
              Yeah, but we are not Apple


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                Aww shit.

                That said, it was rather slow on my 32 bits netbooks but mostly because of the memory footprint. And i wasn't convinced bu Lubuntu. So probably farewell ubuntu on my mobile stuff.

                Debian with a WM works ok still. I really liked crunchbang.


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                  The 32-bit users still have Debian stable XFCE, which is more appropriate imo, especially because is less bloated and thus requires less disk space and RAM.


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                    Yeah, Debian 10 won't drop 32bit. I guess there are still above 10% 32bit Debian users on average

                    32bit nvidia legacy drivers like 390.87 and 340.107 should work for Debian 10 kernel 4.19 and X 1.20 combo. And these are really an end game right there

                    AMD really support 32bit only with radeon and fglrx legacies, with amdgpu/pro not really... nope

                    So just install Debian 10 next year as that is you last love Debian 11 would likley demote it too
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