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Fedora 10 Comes Out With Five More Spins

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  • Fedora 10 Comes Out With Five More Spins

    Phoronix: Fedora 10 Comes Out With Five More Spins

    Fedora 10 was officially released a few days ago, but the Fedora SIG (Special Interest Group) has this weekend announced the availability of a few application-specific spins for Cambridge. Well, seven different spins to be exact. Chitlesh Goorah has announced other Fedora planetary systems that include Fedora EL, Fedora KDE, Fedora BrOffice, Fedora Edu/Math, Fedora AOS, Fedora XFCE, and Fedora Developer...

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    I have been wanting to try out the electronics spin for a while now, but have never gotten around to doing it. The flyer makes it seem quite impressive:

    How well does it compare with mentor graphics tools, da/ic/accusim/vsim? Which technology libraries does it come with? I'm sure there is a spice simulator (ng-spice?) and an equivalent to ezwave? Maybe I will just have to try it and look at the docs on the disc/wiki. My "needs" are academic, just looking for alternatives.

    I've been using octave 3 on my gentoo box with some old matlab files I'd written recently and it's been working pretty well, though the gnuplot interface does leave a lot to be desired compared to matlab's figure viewer. geda/xcircuit/ng-spice and others have been compiled and run once on this box as well. Just haven't been able to use them long enough to do anything useful.
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