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SUSE Continues Working On Transactional Updates With Btrfs

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    Originally posted by waxhead View Post

    I feel this has to be challenged.
    1. How much data did you copy?
    About 2.1T...although BTRFS will tell you 2.3T
    Originally posted by waxhead View Post
    2. Was it large or small files?
    Mixed. VDI's, Movies, Jpgs, Games, Sourcecode. Basically a home folder.
    Originally posted by waxhead View Post
    3. How did you find out that BTRFS did use over 200GB more than ZFS/XFS?
    df -hl. Note this is just a plain format as BTRFS then rsync so no snapshots etc. Source is XFS, then rsync to ZFS and BTRFS

    When I last investigated this I was told it was due to some provisioning done by the filesystem - either way it seems way too excessive to me. Out the box. About a 2 years ago I did the same for my media centre and had big differences between BTRFS and ZFS both with compression off.
    Originally posted by waxhead View Post
    4. Locked directories look like they could be subvolumes as Zan Lynx said. Are they?
    No there were not subvolumes, they we normal subfolders and sometimes even actual files - hence why I say corruption. Even booting from another distro / live would leave those specific files/folders as readonly even as root. Often you would not know which files but apps would misbehave then you see why as the settings files weren't been saved as they were "locked".

    I have never lost data per se with BTRFS but have had regular corruption issues. I have only ever lost an entire drive with ZFS...faulty SATA cable - yet imo this still should not have cause me to be unable to mount the drive.

    For me...

    EXT4 for external drives
    ZFS for raid or home
    XFS root - if XFS get checksumming - it would be awesome.
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      I've never faced a single problem like this, only the provisioning problem and a performance penalty by quotas, I would miss my / fs not being "snapshotable" This is the second machine to where I mirror my system. I really don't like reinstalling things and send receive is a great way of transplanting a system. I was considering playing with ZFS last year (it is good to know more solutions) but ZFS as root appears to be a messy hack... I will play with it anyway, I'm curious about ZVOLS and it's support to other FSs.


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        Originally posted by WolfpackN64 View Post

        That's one thing that always scares me about Btrfs. I don't want to "set up" my filesystem. I just want it to do what it was designed to do without worrying if any of its features are going to wreck my data.
        Have you ever used openSUSE/SUSE?