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Solus Deploys Flatpak 1.0, Prepares For X.Org Server 1.20, Better Intel GVT Support

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    Btw, just a heads-up: Linux 4.18 has already landed in Solus Unstable.


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      As someone who has used Ubuntu for about 8 years and recently switched to Solus, the Ubuntu method to get the latest Xorg/Mesa is unstable.

      On Solus, the devs try to keep the software up to date and will actually test for stability. On Ubuntu, you are locked to that old version of the kernel and Xorg unless you install an external PPA to pull unstable git releases.

      I don’t know about you, but I’d go the Solus route. I cannot risk getting a stack from a PPA that could bring the whole system down.


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        I moved from *buntu to Solus specifically for their curated rolling design. I'm running all AMD hardware and everything is smooth as butter when it comes to gaming and I love it!


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          What kept me away from Solus, even though I used for quite some time and I was really excited about it, was the lack of multiple packages (providers) for different versions of some software. Yeah I know the devs didn't want to create all this mess that ubuntu has with update-alternatives for too many software, most of which I doubt if it's at all tested. But they could have allowed some exceptions. For example they could have both wine and wine-staging included, since it's used by too many people. Another example is that even arch linux has openjdk-7,8,9,10 and archlinux-java script to select the default java runtime, since many java projects may require a specific version but Solus only has one. It would be also nice to have a previous gcc release as alternative, but arch doesn't have either so not a big deal (the only software that I found which needed an older gcc release to get it work was intel pin tool).

          I can stand having a windows vm system since I still need it for some applications, unfortunately, but the need to also have an Ubuntu vm just to run many software that I wasn't able to run at Solus (and never would be able due to the no-multiple-providers policy) it was a little too much for me.

          With that being said, I am always excited to hear about Solus news and what these guys are achieving!!