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It's Looking Like UEFI SecureBoot Will Be Ready In Time For Debian 10.0 Buster

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    Originally posted by mb_q View Post
    I have once tried secure boot with custom keys on one machine and it turned out it could be easily disabled with a CMOS reset...
    Afaik a CMOS reset should not delete custom keys, they should be removable only by using the menu in the UEFI setup or the EFI tools of your OS.

    Also, afaik most devices have Secure Boot on by default so even resetting the settings should not change its status.

    But it's entirely possible that a CMOS reset would delete everything. In general as all things UEFI it depends a lot from what the developer of your specific board firmware thought it was good. So. Much. Inconsistency. And. Fragmentation.

    #UEFImustDie #IntelGoHomeYouReDrunk


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      Originally posted by Brisse View Post
      I wonder what happens when they run out of Toy story characters. Oh, wait, I almost forgot, Debian releases are like centuries apart.
      And even so, there is more than one Toy Story movie, so there are plenty of characters to choose from. Even if they had a release every year, it would still take many, many years before they run out.