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Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Is On The Way, Cinnamon 4.0 Working On Speed

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  • Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Is On The Way, Cinnamon 4.0 Working On Speed

    Phoronix: Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Is On The Way, Cinnamon 4.0 Working On Speed

    The Linux Mint team has shared a routine status update about the work they have been engaged in over the past month, including dealing with some nasty package updates and readying the beta of Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 (LMDE 3)...

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    I always get excited about this. I'm done with Ubuntu + derivatives but have a hard time with the Debian soapbox.


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      Ran LMDE for a long time, after switching to pure Debian I honestly can't tell you what the point of LMDE is. Then again I run Debian sid so I don't really suffer from the super-stale stable packages...


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        I really hope they are working on the memory consumption of Cinnamon.
        We want leaner OS.


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 it stupid to switch off vblank to improve performance, unless the computer is a really slow performer and cannot keep up.

          Instead, they should profile and figure out why they're not able to make the 16ms frame time.


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            sandy8925 , I totally agree with you.

            They need to focus on memory consumption and efficient code.
            The basics...


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              I'm sick and tired of the fragmentation and effort duplication that all of this gnome3 derivative work and DEs have spiraled down. There's like 10 versions of nautilus. The only sane software that ever came out of this was Budgie that actually addressed GNOME's poor design. Single threaded UI with Javascript runtime ripped from Mozilla and client-side-decorations are examples of among worst decisions ever made. Gnome shell is awfully badly designed software, what's worst is that it is happens to be your compositor, the main UI that you interact with. I mean really, you want this utter shit to be your main UI? Sane GNU/Linux user has to take refugee and flee to XFCE land for complete DE, where things have sane, feature complete, and stable for years, without theme API breakages and related bullshit.