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Fedora Gets An Unofficial Kernel Based On Clear Linux

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    Originally posted by Venemo View Post
    Kudos to Intel for making Clear Linux.

    However, thumbs down to them for not upsteaming their patches. Instead of making a "clear linux kernel" for Fedora the work should have went into upstreaming those patches and then everyone would benefit.

    That being said the Clear Linux performance story is not just about the kernel. They basically added various optimizations everywhere and I would imagine most of their performance is not related to just the kernel.
    at least patches are seperate and not some large git tree.


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      Originally posted by onicsis View Post
      First of all, Fedora should focus on solving mysterious kernel bugs like this or this which cause a machine to completely freeze unexpectedly, without an apparent and real reason, and this a few times a day.
      Fedora ships a mostly upstream kernel + some patches, but they only add patches that have been already accepted upstream (and just haven't made it to a release yet). So your bug is most likely an upstream kernel bug. You have two options: wait until somebody fixes it, or contact the relevant kernel mailing list and ask how you can help fix it.


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        Originally posted by andyprough View Post

        Solus also has advanced package management and a customized desktop. I'll bet you are getting a variety of performance improvements and lower overhead in general.
        Eh, I'm using Solus Plasma Edition. Ain't nothing customized about the Plasma desktop (other than the inclusion of a few other default pieces of software, like Solus Software Center and snap). But you're right about the package management and lower overhead in general though.


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          What really stops others use Clear Linux optimizations?
          Are those well documented?
          Could, for instance, Linux Mint use Clear Kernel and glibc?


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            Originally posted by RahulSundaram View Post

            Fedora is not a centrally managed project like that. The volunteer building this alternative kernel couldn't be redirected to work on some bugs you want them to prioritize. It is the not the same level of skills. It is unlikely either of these bugs are Fedora specific anyway
            That it's NOT my bug, I do not submitted that bug report, not my copyright on that code or on any patch. And still many people are affected.

            If stability will not be the **main** focus of a general distribution with large user-base and reputation, then someone who take top decisions can lose patience and without weighting to much on that decisions and their long term consequences, can chose to migrate to competition, as already happen: Windows scores a win over Linux as another state decides to switch

            And the Year of Linux Desktop, will be probably delayed indefinitely.


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              Update Test

              I Install kernel-clear my laptop Fedora 31

              [[email protected] ~]$ uname -a
              Linux localhost.localdomain 5.0.0-0.rc3.git1.1.fc30.x86_64 #1 SMP Sat Feb 2 14:39:16 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

              Is better this kernel in performance aprox 15 - 20% than kernel-5.4.7-200.fc31.x86_64

              Any idea when update repository

              the last version is 5.0.0-0.rc3.git1.1.fc30.x86_64 on fedora 31 repo

              This project is a good initiative because nothing in fedora improves kernel performance