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Clear Linux Shedding More Light On Their "Magic" Performance Work

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    Clear and Solus smells like Ikey

    Nice explorer is that Ikey, just look at all of his failed projects. Yeah, he has cool ideas, but sort of nothing he do is upstreamable

    Altough must say he is kind of Steve Ballmer of Linux, so he might succeed because of such mentality
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      Originally posted by Linuxhippy View Post
      Too bad none of the mainstream distributions use any of the great compiler/library features.
      LTO, PGO, multi-cpu-libs etc - it is all there but completly unused.

      At least SSE2 is mandatory for x86_64, otherwise I guess we would still end up with completly non-vectorized memcpy routines :/
      No, memcpy is one of the things that thave always been optimized. All the glibc routines use runtime detection and optimized methods. The problem is if something similar is reimplemented in the application, then it doesn't get the same optimizations.


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        Originally posted by Mercyful Fate View Post

        Yep. You may not know, or care, but Ikey Doherty (Solus founder and lead dev) used to work for Intel so it makes sense that Solus is on top of optimizations such as those. Ikey is a really cool cat and quite funny at times. More people should follow him on G+ or reddit.
        Ok, so it's on! Solus vs Clear benchmarks it's on!


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          So the binutils optimizations starts at Haswell? Intel really don't like how long all those Sandybridge CPUs keep staying around and being fast enough.


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            Originally posted by GunpowaderGuy View Post
            Which Gentoo based distro with gui and wayland by default is best ? Or is there a way to install that easily in stock gentoo ?
            That's not the point of gentoo at all, you may want to look at Fedora instead.