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RPM Fusion For Fedora Officially Launches

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  • RPM Fusion For Fedora Officially Launches

    Phoronix: RPM Fusion For Fedora Officially Launches

    It's been coming along for some time, but today RPM Fusion has officially launched as the premiere third-party RPM repository for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) users. The Dribble, FreshRPMs, and Livna repositories had merged to form RPM Fusion...

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    Compatibility and Players

    Um ... so can anyone clarify the relationship & compatibility between RPMForge, RPMFusion, and ATrpms and any other "important" repositories?



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      Originally posted by liels View Post
      Um ... so can anyone clarify the relationship & compatibility between RPMForge, RPMFusion, and ATrpms and any other "important" repositories?

      Good question

      * rpmforge like RPM Fusion is a merger of 3 repos: Dag's repo, Dries Verachtert's repo and Freshrpms. rpmforge currently only supports RHEL/CentOS. Freshrpms was doing Fedora addon packages based on rpmforge packages, but Freshrpms has joined rpmfusion now and its packages have been merged into the new rpmfusion repository

      * atrpms is mostly the work of Axel Thimm, atrpms was involved in the initial talks about starting rpmfusion, but unfortunately due to some unsolvable technical differences Axel left the RPM Fusion project. atrpms does packages for both Fedora and RHEL/CentOS

      * RPM Fusion is the merger of livna, dribble and Freshrpms. RPM Fusion is a community based repository, using QA and community process taken 1 on 1 from Fedora, such as reviewing every new package before allowing it into the repo. RPM Fusion currently has more then 30 contributors. RPM Fusion does packages for both Fedora and RHEL/CentOS

      So which add on repository to use?

      First of all do *NOT* mix and match, mixing and matching is bad, really really bad!

      I'm not all that famaliar with RHEL/CentOS, so I'll abstain from giving advice there.

      If you want an addon repository for Fedora you can choose between atrpms and rpmfusion. There are 2 big differences between these 2 repositories:

      1) atrpms is mostly a one man show, where as rpmfusion is a community based repository.

      2) rpmfusion will never *ever* replace any packages which are part of Fedora itself. atrpms will happily replace packages, including libraries, with newer versions

      I personally would choose rpmfusion as addon package repositpry for Fedora and I advice everyone to do so:

      1) As the amount of packages in a repository grows it becomes very hard for one person to properly maintain all of them.

      2) atrpms replaces packages / libs which is *BAD*, if some package in Fedora then gets updated, causing it to replace the atrpms replaced lib again interesting things happen. Not to mention trying to yum update from Fedora-X to Fedora-X+1 after having added atrpms packages to Fedora-X

      So what to do if you've choosen RPM Fusion and you're missing a package which is in an other repository?

      Add it to our wishlist (please include a pointer to the existing package in another repository):

      Or even better become a contributor and submit it yourself:


      I'm a rpmfusion contributer, so I'm clearly not without bias. Also note that this is my *personal* opinion, not that of the RPM Fusion project.


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        The configuation page seams to be missing how to CentOS and RHEL...

        When you have added extra repositories these commands are useful:

        rpm -qa --queryformat "%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}.%{ARCH}         %{VENDOR}\n"
        rpm -qa --queryformat "%-35{NAME} %-35{DISTRIBUTION} %{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}\n" | sort -k 1,2 -t " " -i
        One thing I really miss though, is a way to remove all files from an installed RPM. When using "rpm -e" or "rpm -e pkg_name --noscripts" it still doesn't delete the config files from the RPM...