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Qt 5.10 Release Candidate Arrives Late

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  • Qt 5.10 Release Candidate Arrives Late

    Phoronix: Qt 5.10 Release Candidate Arrives Late

    Qt 5.10 RC was expected back on 16 November but only this morning is making its debut...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    have said their fine if other bugs end up getting


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      Is printing restored?
      E.g. in KDE4 / Qt4 I could use okular to print, incl. the full (CUPS?) options. Since KF5 nothing of that works any longer, the advanced menu is gone and the few settings in okular printing dialog are hardly honored during print execution.
      So I'm using evince for PDF printing currently.
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        Ask KDE. Most of the KDE printing options went away, and they are now mostly sticking to what Qt supports, but that has not regressed. Personally I am only missing printing multiple pages per page.

        Edit: Ah, I remember what happened. KDE deprecated their own printing library in favor of Qt, but no one ever ported in the extra features KDE printing used to have. It would be lovely if someone did that.
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