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Borg Backup 1.1 Released

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  • Borg Backup 1.1 Released

    Phoronix: Borg Backup 1.1 Released

    Borg Backup for those that haven't heard is a deduplicating backup program that also builds in compression and encryption abilities...

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    I were using Obnam for backing up my PC, but recently its author closed the project. It was good, it worked fine, but it got broken in Debian Testing just right after Stretch release, so I were forced to find something else.
    First I wanted to compare borg and restic. I've installed restic, modified my obnam wrapper script to use restic instead and ... And I found it works so much faster (than obnam) that i didn't even tried borg. In reality they are both fast, deduplicating does its thing, but going from python to golang and probably another format for storage repository reduced incremental backup time from couple of minutes to tens of seconds.
    Maybe I should still try borg and use both of them.
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      Borg user here I didn't know about restic sounds interesting. Has it multithread support ?


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        Originally posted by dispat0r View Post
        Borg user here I didn't know about restic sounds interesting. Has it multithread support ?
        It is on the 1.2 Borg roadmap, but we will have to wait months for it.


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          It would be awesome if it had Windows support. I could backup my SQL machines with it.


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            Hi, I'm back.
            Additionally to restic a few days ago I've added borg. They are very similar, configured and used identically and support same basic set of options. Before I share my thoughts on performance, I'll try to describe my setup.
            I'm doing backup of $HOME twice a day, excluding some files (--exclude-file/--exclude-from ), and uploading repository to the cloud storage. Backup repos are located on the same PC, but another LVM partitions (mounted only during backups). So I don't know how good both programs work with remote repositories. Borg has 3 archives in repo (117464 MB), restic -- 18 snapshots (119019 MB).
            Restic did backup in 17s, and total routine with 'restic forget' and upload to cloud took 46s.
            Borg did backup in 9.6 seconds, but total routine with 'borg prune' and upload to cloud took 1m 11s.
            If I add '--prune' parameter to 'restic forget' and there are some snapshots to remove, than it will take a little bit longer. In that case borg will win.
            From my opinion both of them are good and damn fast. I'll leave both.