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Benchmarks Show Firefox 57 Quantum Doing Well, But Chrome Largely Winning

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    Originally posted by andyprough View Post
    Wish I had your luck with Chrome, Michael. Every time I touch it, it rapidly turns into a bloated whale that tries to take down the entire system. You must have the magic touch.

    I'd to try running each browser through a series of websites with images and video for 20-30 minutes, and then look at the same tests. Must be that Chrome has horrendous cache handling.
    The problem is that you're testing it on websites. Chrome will work a lot better if you're just using it for JS benchmarks.


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      I am using Firefox since forever and I have downloaded the new Firefox and within a minute I have uninstall it , the only reason was the extensions.
      I find more important the usability of the browser than speed.
      For example as long as I can have the tabs below bookmark toolbar and all my 30+ extensions working fine I doubt that I will notice much of a difference in speed but if you remove all these extensions you will limit my browsing experience.


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        Benchmarks are always interesting, but let's keep it real - when you're dealing in ms it's not really noticeable in the real world. The takeaway for me was that Fx has made some dramatic improvements and is now once again competitive with Chrome. Performance between browsers will wax and wane - but they all need to be more or less in the same ballpark. When performance is more or less the same, people will make choices based upon other criteria, such as security, privacy and customization. This is what Mozilla is banking on, and I believe they'll do just fine.


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          Interesting test, but how many content process have you set for firefox 56 and 57?

          Also, you should try to add an entry in your benchmark to include firefox 57 with hardware acceleration forced. It is disabled by default on every linux distributions, for stability issues. On nvidia cards (with proprietary drivers) it is sluggish, however it is really smooth and stable on an Intel IGP (I forced it 2 years ago, on sandy bridge and kaybe lake CPUs). As Chromium uses the hardware acceleration, Firefox should achieve closer results (and also closer from the Firefox' windows build).
          If I am correct, the new Webrender coming in the next releases should take better advantage of the GPU, and I hope on every systems.


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            Originally posted by eydee View Post
            Firefox 57 is the death of the most powerful adblockers, they have to be rewritten and will be a lot more restricted in what they can do. Happy day for Michael. Sad day for Mozilla, as they'll lose a shitton of users because of this.
            Mozilla sent a warning one year ahead to the add-ons developers upgrading their codes. Not the fault of the former should the latter keep on sitting doing nothing. Add-ons unable to adapt to the new environment simply vanish replaced by their modern counterparts. That is the life of software.


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              What do you see in about:support?

              Is all hardware acceleration enabled? On Linux, Firefox is very badly configured by default and often completely disables hardware accelerated compositing.

              You should see stuff like this:

              Multiprocess Windows 5/5 (Enabled by user)
              Web Content Processes 5/5
              Stylo true (enabled by default)
              AzureCanvasAccelerated 1
              AzureCanvasBackend skia
              AzureContentBackend skia
              Compositing OpenGL
              HW_COMPOSITING enabled or force_enabled by user: Force-enabled by pref
              OPENGL_COMPOSITING enabled or force_enabled by user: Force-enabled by pref
              Number of processes will depend on your settings. If any of that is disabled, it's pointless to test until you enable it first.

              To force enable some settings which FF disabled by default, you might want to set these in about:config
               layers.acceleration.force-enabled = true  
      = true
              Then run your benchmarks.

              It works fine with Mesa/radeonsi and Mesa/intel.
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                Originally posted by eydee View Post
                Firefox 57 is the death of the most powerful adblockers, they have to be rewritten and will be a lot more restricted in what they can do. Happy day for Michael. Sad day for Mozilla, as they'll lose a shitton of users because of this.
                uBlock Origin works just fine. AdBlock Plus has a beta version that already works with Firefox 57.


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                  Originally posted by Luke View Post
                  I will not be updating to FF57 or any later version unless all the security and privacy extensions I use get ported over or equivalents appear (if even possible). That means NoScript, Disconnect, Canvasblocker, and I also need a working extension to force-download streams. All the extensions I have come up as "legacy" in FF55, meaning I cannot run FF57. I do not permit any unprotected browser to connect to any website I do not know in advance to be free of all ads, trackers, and 3ed party widgets.
                  You can use uMatrix instead of NoScript ( it's also more fine grained )
                  Disconnect is implement by default into firefox since 56 or 57 ( not sure right now )
                  Not sure about the other two ones, but you can still use legacy extensions with ff 57 with some about:config switch


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                    I checked all my extensions a while back and most of them are either already WebExtensions or work in progress:
                    DuckDuckGo Plus is WIP (I don't know why I even have this, this is not needed to use a search engine...).
                    NoScript is WIP.
                    Private Tab is WIP.
                    HTTPS Everywhere, the WebExtension exists, but wasn't yet in AMO when I checked it last time.
                    User-Agent Switcher is already a WebExtension.
                    Gnome Shell integration is already a WebExtension.
                    QR Code Generator (for which I have very little use anymore) is already a WebExtension.
                    Quick Accept-Language Switcher is already a WebExtension.
                    Firefox web development addons are also WebExtensions (not surprising).
                    This small extension that I wrote is also a WebExtension.

                    Saddest ones are Firegestures, which is probably not going to be released as WebExtension, and Mozvoikko (aka Spell checker based on Voikko 2.2), which is not going to be ready by FX 57 because of missing APIs. For Firegestures there are some extensions that can replace it for most of the functionality, but at least when I checked they were all broken on Linux and macOS. For Mozvoikko, they have planned some API that allows to use 3rd party spell checker libraries, but it seems to be low priority.

                    There is also U2F Support Add-on, which will not be ported to WebExtension, but instead it will be integrated into Firefox. Whether it will be included already in FX 57, that I don't know.

                    Personally I think that the situation is fairly good for me. Mozvoikko would be very nice to have, because it is required for my native language, and I use Firegestures a lot, so I would very much like to have something to replace it and luckily people are working on it. For U2F support, I can live a little while without it, TOTP works just fine. Currently U2F doesn't even work with Google using this extension, because they don't seem to want to support it. Maybe integrating it into FX will make a difference to them (or improve compatibility with Chrome/Chromium).


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                      Does anyone know how to return older dark theme for Firefox developer tools? The new one is too dark.