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Enlightenment 22 Alpha Strikes With Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System

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  • Enlightenment 22 Alpha Strikes With Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System

    Phoronix: Enlightenment 22 Alpha Strikes With Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System

    Enlightenment 0.22 is now available in alpha form with a variety of improvements, including continued progress on Wayland...

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    I was just wondering how many people actually use this?


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      When I tried it, it was as big of a change as floating window to tiling window manager.

      It seems like it would take a advanced configuration to get a good default.

      If anyone wants to share their rice, please do.


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        Originally posted by misp View Post
        I was just wondering how many people actually use this?
        You mean E? I do.


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          I wonder when it would be usable from the start. Right now you need to spend who knows how much time configuring it to be tolerable.
          While it was fine back in times of E16 and Debian 3, it is kind of grating right now, or I've grown more lazy or just want things done without wasting time...


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            What issues do you have?
            I'm using e17 (up to e22) for well over a decade now, and still carrying along a pretty old configuration along the versions, so I don't usually have the fresh experience.
            But I sometimes use blank profiles for testing stuff, and the default configuration seems reasonable and simple enough, that even people coming fresh from windows wouldn't be totally lost (i. e. there are bars with the basic widgets, and easily accessible menus for the installed GUI applications).


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              Originally posted by Brane215 View Post

              You mean E? I do.
              Yep, e... but more in a manner of total users..


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                Aaah, I remember the good old days, when E17, Chinese Democracy and Duke Nuke 'Em Forever where all jokes about the future, never to be.


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                  I might try building a desktop around E at some point, since it's the only Wayland compositor I'm aware of which announced crash recovery in one of its updates. I leave my login sessions open for weeks at a time, so being able to keep going after my X11 WM dies or starts to bug out is essential for me.

                  However, hopefully, KWin will eventually get some kind of support for resetting/recovering everything except the core which keeps the session alive. I really prefer their DWD concept.


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                    Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
                    If anyone wants to share their rice, please do.
                    Since you asked, here is what I do every time on a fresh installation:

                    Setup 4 different wallpapers for each desktop:
                    Settings -> Wallpaper: press advanced, select "This Desktop" and choose 4 different wallpapers

                    Remove edge bindings:
                    Settings Panel -> Input -> Edge Bindings: remove left and right edge

                    Disable unnecessary animations:
                    Settings Panel -> Look -> Transitions: Set "Desk Change" to None
                    Settings Panel -> Screen -> Virtual Desktop -> Flip Animation: Select None
                    Right click on Pager -> Pager -> Settings: Disable "Show popup on desktop change"

                    Remove Generics from application names:
                    Settings Panel -> Menus -> Menu Settings: Disable "Generic"

                    Add some favorite applications so that they can be accessed by right clicking on the desktop:
                    Settings Panel -> Apps -> Favorite Applications: Add favorite applications
                    Settings Panel -> Apps -> IBar Applications: Select applications for the panel

                    Disable desktop icons:
                    Settings Panel -> File Manager -> Display: Disable "Icons On Desktop"

                    Select favorite Gtk theme:
                    Settings Panel -> Look -> Application theme: Select favorite Gtk and icon themes (Vertex-Dark looks very nice and its colors match nicely with Enlightenment)

                    Select dark firefox theme:
                    Add-ons -> Appearance: Compact Dark or Dark if you're on Firefox Nightly

                    Depending on whether you prefer icons or a window list in your panel:
                    - Remove Tasks
                    Window list:
                    - Remove IBox
                    - Right click on panel -> shelf -> Size: Disable "Shrink to Content Width" and then adjust the positions of the panel elements

                    And here is the one feature that I love most about Enlightenment and miss dearly when I'm on other desktop environments:
                    - The ability to switch between desktops with Alt+F1-F4
                    - The ability to move windows from one desktop to another by dragging it by the titlebar and then press Alt+F1-F4 (it even works with client-side-decorations)
                    This makes switching between windows much more pleasant since I can very easily distribute them to different desktops and then have less windows to Alt-Tab between. I also found that this makes it easier for me to remember on which desktops I placed my windows.