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A Look At The New Features Of GNOME 3.26

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  • A Look At The New Features Of GNOME 3.26

    Phoronix: A Look At The New Features Of GNOME 3.26

    With GNOME 3.26 due to be officially released on Wednesday, 13 September, here is a look at the new features to be found in this major desktop update and screenshots from testing the latest GNOME 3.26 packages via Fedora 27's development images.

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    Video playback performance under Wayland is bad (Nouveau driver with VLC player). Mpv displays strange boxed video. Unusable in this state as daily driver, X11 is still a must have.


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      With respect to GJS, the update is quite nice in this release.

      Gnome 3.22 shipped with MozJS 24, so roughly ~3 year-old Javascript.
      Gnome 3.24 shipped with MozJS 38, so roughly ~2 year-old Javascript

      But now GNOME 3.26 ships MozJS 52, which is the current version upstream. This allows for better debugging and support (and features obviously).


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        Ah crap. It's the same style of ugly configuration dialog Cinnamon uses. Looks like we're ready for that time warp back to 1989.


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          I feel like one more screenshot is needed to present awesome new features.


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            Originally posted by phoronix
            and Totam are among the


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              Originally posted by srakitnican View Post
              I feel like one more screenshot is needed to present awesome new features.

              Gnome3's tray was useless anyway, so what's the point? You can always install topicon+ if you need this. .


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                "Gnome photo can zoom now".... what coud it do before? O_o

                Every gnome release, I think about testing it again. Last time I tried was 3.12 (I know, long time no see).
                But every time I opened nautilus I saw I coud not split the window in 2 halfs for easy drag and drop stuff, so I went back to kde. Now I read gnome photo can zoom and in that moment I already miss all the functionality kde's gwenview gives me.

                I mean, if you are not just surfing or consuming multimedia, how is gnome effective / efficient to work with?
                This is a serious question.
                How does the humble gnome user do things like quickly cutting pictures without relying on a full blown gimp?
                How do you effectively manage your data with nautilus or your music library with gnome music?
                Things like cleaning up your music library by sorting / deleting by bitrate, or batch renaming files (like with krename)?
                Can you do these things with gnome somehow?
                Because then I would consider to test it again. It certanly looks good and it did come a long way since 3.0.
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                  Well, gnome has a different philosophy than KDE does. KDE thinks if you might want to do something then the GUI should be the thing that facilitates it. Gnome thinks that if you think you might want to do something, chances are you're too stupid to do it and so you should just simply accept their paradigm no questions asked.

                  EDIT: Gnome's philosophy is already proven wrong. 100% of all gnome users -need- numerous extensions. Gnome's out of box paradigm works for zero people. Even systems -with- stable APIs for extensions have major problems and drawbacks. Gnome doesn't even have a stable API for it's extensions and so its problems are tenfold over even that. It sucks.
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                    how does wayland perform with proprietary nvidia drivers? and with gaming in general?