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Is Fedora's KDE Spin Too Bloated?

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    Originally posted by GhostOfFunkS View Post
    I see your denials and non-sequitur hand waving. I raise you FACTS.

    There is a good correlation between betting on The Standard Desktop and marketshare growth.
    You need to re-read my message above and look up the definition of non sequitur. Hint - the subject of this is the fedora kde spin being bloated - not how many people use different DEs. Second, the link you sent doesn't include the workstation stats you quoted. It just says: "It’s a pity that Matthew didn’t include the slide with ISO download shares of Fedora editions and spins. But last time he did Fedora Workstation amounted to ~80 % of all ISO downloads." - No mention of what last time was - and again, you can't do a correlation between Workstation downloads and DE usage due to the factors I mentioned above. If you do have something that would, that would be an interesting different topic, but doesn't really have anything to do with the subject at hand - which was someone complaining because they weren't happy with the choice of default applications.

    I did find some stats from arch which were interesting. It would be interesting if something like this could be replicated in Fedora, but again, due to the issues I outlined above, the accuracy would be somewhat problematic.


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      Originally posted by leipero View Post

      At least in one point of yours everyone who knows english could do something about it, translating what's not translated. In past i would add "easy" to such task, but it's everything but easy..., english is simple and efficient language, immagine someone who needs to translate new term on, I don't know, some language that have 12+cases and gendered words (like some baltic languages, I think estonian have 12 cases or something, or finish), now that's nightmare, often, I find it easier to "invent the term" on english than on native language, especially words that combine two terms into one. So if you see something untranslated, do it yourself, and if you come up with something you can't translate, leave it blank and there might be someone else who could do it better.
      Estonian has 14 cases, no genders at all and also lacks certain time forms (no future for example). You would pass necessary information in the context. Plus bunch of other oddities.

      Problem is in the different system of grammar, in need to keep translations as short , concise and precise as possible - all of it without deviating too far from the original. It's something like translating poetry, difficulty-wise.

      Quite maddening while you are trying to translate computer UIs.
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