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GNOME Mutter 3.25.92 Adds Built-In Screencast / Remote Desktop Capabilities

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    Originally posted by unixfan2001 View Post

    I saw there's a Redshift implementation based on top of GnomeRR/Gnome Desktop Library.
    Can that one be used outside of Gnome3 or does the Gnome-Desktop library depend on the rest of the Gnome stack?
    I'm not sure what you are talking about, but currently with latest Gnome there is Night Light option in display settings which does what Redshift used to do and it works on both X11 and Wayland. I think it works fine (I use it), but you might want to tweak the color temperature to suit you better, which unfortunately must be done using dconf (dconf-editor). Previously the Wayland solution was to use patched Gnome control center together with Redshift Gnome extension. Also this tapped the same color settings that Night Light currently does. I don't know how portable this code is, so I can't comment whether it will be usable on other compositors as well, but my guess is that it probably is worth to take a look at when implementing this on some other compositor.