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KDE's Leaner Experience On openSUSE Tumbleweed vs. Ubuntu 17.04

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    Originally posted by zoomblab View Post
    I get the same memory results on 3 physical machines with Kubuntu 17.04.
    Yeah, well, if they have different amount of RAM it's safe to say my speculation is not valid.


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      Originally posted by zoner View Post
      Michael, please test KDE Neon, stable branch. It is the most stable implementation of KDE Plasma by the folks who developed it. Even on a live DVD it is fast. Also, for a general implementation, please test KDE Plasma as implemented by Manjaro. KDE is not the old KDE. And as I have said, the old Akonadi based PIM will soon go away. The new PIM is called KUBE. It has elimated over 75 dependices sp. Everything is being rewritten, not just updated. A discussion by one of the developers can be found on Planet KDE.

      And thank you again, Michael, for this great site. It is so kool to see your work cited in more and more other sites.
      kde neon is a debian distro with ancient repositories


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        Originally posted by GhostOfFunkS View Post

        Asking for deduplication at compositor level is a valid point of view. Please keep it civilized.
        Please show some respect for the Gnome community and stop trolling, you a disservice to the responsible gnome community.


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          It would be interesting to see how KDE-Neon fares against these two.


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            Originally posted by Shiba View Post

            If a minimal KDE is your idea of a "full desktop environment", I have no doubt you really believe Xfce is as well. Well, next time you need a PIM or a metadata indexed filesystem on your reduced environment, you could always... dunno, drag your panel around the screen... maybe it will serve some purpose.

            What's missing then? The article says

            which implies a lot of things are missing, but the forum thread is 13 pages...
            Nothing's missing. It's just that when installing KDE on Ubuntu, a lot of Ubuntu's built-in services are not deactivated. Martin Graesslin posted about this in the other thread.
            And the problems go far beyond this. I tried to install KDE on Ubuntu and a couple of weeks later I ended up installing Kubuntu from scratch because of various problems (wrong colours, missing icons and such).
            I think Neon did a great thing showing the world how KDE actually works when properly updated and packaged. Before Neon, it was rather hard to know which problems we could blame on KDE and which were on packagers.


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              seems a bit strange these results as i col boot into my kde desktop within a few seconds.