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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

    He means that KDE3 and currently TDE have more features and at the same are much leaner and faster. I can confirm that.
    I have personally not had the desktop get in my way, it seems nice, fluid and fast, I have found every feature I need/want to tweak. but this is me, I am not afraid of a change in my DE - change is good!


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      Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post

      I'm going to take this poorly written sentence to mean that there are still applications which are based on KDE3, rather than having been ported. It is true that such applications exist, however there are not a lot of them, and the reason they exist is because they are unmaintained. nobody really has any interest in porting the Frotz frontend for example.
      I don't think birdie meant KDE3 applications. If you look at that sentence it says kde3 compatibility code. There are indeed some KDE4 applications that still use kde3support and qt3support. For example, juk.


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        Originally posted by birdie View Post

        Mouse hover the items - they all have hints.
        Doesn't work on a touch interface like Android or iOS. You know, those gadgets millions of people have. So, yeah, headers and a legend work better.