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    Originally posted by oleid View Post
    Actually, I prefer writing GTK+ programs over writing Qt; Qt feels like a Java-like library grafted onto C++98/C++03, and forces you to do stuff in a pre-C++11 way.
    How so ? Qt fully embraces C++11 (it is built with -std=c++1z and requires at minimum c++11 nowadays)... connect supports lambdas, containers have rvalue reference overloads, etc... You can put all your objects on automatic storage and pass pointers if you wish to get rid of `new QSomething` but now you have to take care of ownership though.


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      Originally posted by Degra View Post
      With all the Qt/GTK discussion going on,
      what's also cross-platform are web frameworks ported to a desktop app. i.e. Electron.
      Sure, Angular isn't native to both GTK as well as QT based DEs, but it can look really shiny and is super easy to port. On top of that Typescript is a much more convenient language than both C and C++.
      I am so totally in agreement with you. That is exactly the kind of Linux desktop environment needs to take off properly, I believe. Of course Electron is still a bit slow and has substantial overhead, but I think in time they will overcome some of the current performance issues or someone can always port electron to a leaner embedded browser with a more limited feature set. Using typescript for your desktop universal apps would be super awesome. Also I believe if much of the services and engines are available through micro-services, you can have a nice separation between your model/service and your front-end app (view), similar to the separation of content and presentation of HTML and CSS.